Games Like ROI World

Here is a list of games that are similar to ROI World.

Weekend Party Fashion Show

Weekend Party12

Weekend party Fashion show is an exciting, dress up adventure. You dress the women for events. You make the models look good. You get to dress the models and play mini games. You search for the items to dress the models in that they want. Get ready to be challenged.

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Zen Fashion

Zen Fashion3

Zen Fashion is quite puzzling. You face multiple challenges and difficulties. You have 90 levels to play. It is quite fun. The adventure occurs in Asia. You find peace and calming music. If you do what is expected successfully you will find you are having an enjoyable time.

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Fashion Fantasy Game


Fashion Fantasy Game gives you the capability to design and sell clothing. You get to be either the designer or boutique owner.  You design your own fashions which you get to show off in a virtual fashion showcase. The better your designs the more chances you get to have your clothing line in the store.

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Jojo’s Fashion Show – Paris Tour

Jojo’s Fashion 3

Jojo’s Fashion Show-Paris Tour takes you travelling throughout the world with your models. It is designed to be played on your iPad or iPhone. It provides glitz, glamor, and excitement as you travel with Jogo and the models. You may get to find fashion ideas you can use in the real world.

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Cute Fashion Dress and Makeup

Cute Fashion6

Cute Fashion Dress and Makeup lets you dress up to 6 different girls in fashion, accessories, and makeup. The fun will be never-ending. With the trendy clothes you will be able to see your fashion fantasies come to life in a virtual world. Get ready to coordinate outfits, makeup, and accessories. Enjoy!

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Fashionista Magazine gives you the chance to be it editor. You get to be creative. You are trying to have a successful magazine with high sales. You get to assemble your team. You have to do as your advisor ells you. You will be busy. Fashion is the name of the game.

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Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer7

Fashion Designer is played through Facebook. You get to be a fashion designer. You build your own portfolio. You have several avatars to select from. You can link Fashion Designer with Mal World for even more fun. You get to add your style and flares. You get to display your design.

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Doll and the City


Do you love dress up? Dolls? If so then you will enjoy Doll and the City. You will live through your doll. You get to work. You will complete tasks, achieve your goals. You will find fun and opportunities along the way to achieving VIP status. Are you ready to be rewarded? You will complete tasks, achieve your goals.

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Movie Star Planet


Get signed up and get started on being that movie star you have only dreamed about until now. You will need to create the avatar that you are going to use to play. The avatar can be customized however you want. There are different min games throughout for you to complete, upon completion you will earn coins.

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Jojo’s Fashion Show 2

Jojo’s 1

Jojo’s Fashion show 2 offers you 50 levels of play. It is available for download to the PC or iPhone app. You want to successfully complete fashion shows. You have both female and male models. There is a Photo Mode where you can snap pictures of your mode.  It will prove to be a sizzling good time.

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If you’re looking for other games like ROI World, check out the Fashion Worlds category.

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