Games Like Disney City Girl

Here is a list of games that are similar to Disney City Girl.

Spark City World


Spark City World opens your ability to create your own avatar and decorate your home. You will interact with others as you play and chat with them. You can be creative. You can try the new. You will enjoy exploration. Let’s get your life sparkly.

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Fashion Rush

Fashion Rush3

Fashion Rush has tons of fun in store for you. You will enjoy the experience. The game is fabulous from the store to the swishing cats to the characters. Your workers are energetic.  You will assist Satine with her boutique. It becomes successful as you work together to build the business .

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Social Girl

Social-Girl 4

Social Girl gives you the ability to create your own style, make friends, and have a boyfriend who thinks you are it. You write your own life’s story. The options keep you from being bored. You hang out with your friends, share gossip, and make new friends. Your boyfriend gives you gifts and takes you on dates that amaze you.

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Fashion Boutique

Fashion Boutique7

Fashion Boutique offers you new adventures in the world of fashion. You will be Maya and get to travel to the company’s stores nationwide in an effort to improve them. Each store will have to be made into an inviting, profitable, and successful store.

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Innerstar University


Innerstar University gives you an outlet to play games and socialize. You will create games and socialize. You will create an avatar through the American Girl Website. You get to select the outfits and hairstyle for her. You customize he personality. There are several fun games to play so you can earn points to buy for your avatar.

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Fashion World

Fashion World4

Fashion world Is played through your Facebook account. You will own a boutique where you will sell clothing and accessories. You work to make it profitable and popular. You will make the clothing for your stores. You can hire your friends to work for you. You will be excited and satisfied as you prosper.

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Fab Fashion

Fab Fashion10

Fab Fashion gives you the opportunity to explore the world of fashion. You will help Kate become a desired fashion designer. You help her go all the way to the catwalk. You and Kate will go far especially after fashion critic Hans Linsenbigiler offers her an opportunity of a lifetime. Get preparing for fun.

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Fashion Dash

Fashion Dash2

Fashion Dash takes you into the thrill of fashion. Coco has always wanted to be a fashion designer. With the help of Flo she is seeking to become one. In the shop Coco will have custom clothes made for the client. Remember to use your time efficiently.

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Movie Star Planet


Welcome, so you want to experience being a movie star do you? alright then, let’s get you signed up and on your way. First you’ll need to create your avatar, you can customize it with dress up clothes, accessories, and such. When you complete the mini games offered you will gain coins, they can buy you more clothes.

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This has a virtual community that tops others in the genre. This is where you can make things happen just by using your imagination. You will get to pick out clothes for your characters and dress them anyway you want, spend time with friends just hanging out, decorate the house you get with the game, and meet others from all over the world.

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If you’re looking for other games like Disney City Girl, check out the Fashion Worlds category.

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