Games Like GoodGame Fashion

Here is a list of games that are similar to GoodGame Fashion.

Fashion Story

Fashion Story2

Fashion Story gives you the opportunity to run your own clothing store. You can make alterations to your shop and you r avatar as often as you desire if you have the necessary funds. If you do not puck up your order on time you lose your money. You have to work to be successful.

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Do you enjoy meeting people and crating fashions then you will like Gala Stories. You take your model through many quests in how you get to design clothes, be a trendsetter, and just have fun. Your model gets to participate in showdowns with other models. The greater the popularity-the more wins.

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Movie Star Planet


When it comes to being a movie star, it often comes with people creeping around, stalking you, and much more. You won’t have to worry to much about running into creeps as the game is monitor heavily for your protection. So create your avatar and get started today.

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Fashion Boutique

Fashion Boutique6

Fashion Boutique offers you new adventures in the world of fashion. You will be Maya and get to travel to the company’s stores nationwide in an effort to improve them. Each store will have to be made into an inviting, profitable, and successful store.

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Fashion Dash

Fashion Dash11

Fashion Dash takes you into the thrill of fashion. Coco has always wanted to be a fashion designer. With the help of Flo she is seeking to become one. In the shop Coco will have custom clothes made for the client. Remember to use your time efficiently.

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Fashion Craze

Fashion Craze8With each passing day, or stage this game will show a single screen which is occupied by numerous objects.  Items such as a trash cans, sewing machines, coffee machines, furniture, and so on will be in these scenes.  You will need to serve the customer or customers as they arrive.

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Campus Life

Campus Life11

Ever wondered what it was like to live on campus, now you get to experience it without paying the high cost of staying in one. You will build up your sorority house, yourself, and increase in the overall popularity. The main thing is to have fun with what you’re doing.

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Dream Mining


If you are tired of other games in the genre that don’t really allow much customization, a virtual world that isn’t very pleasant, or maybe you just want a better social environment then you want to check out Dream Mining. You will get to have fun chatting with friends as well.

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Stardoll Game


The biggest draw of Stardoll is the avatar customization. Play with clothing items and the look of your avatar until you have something perfect. Get a look that you love and then go show yourself off. Meet new people, talk about clothes and customizations, and get more ideas for how to dress up.

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Fab Fashion

Fab Fashion7

Fab Fashion gives you the opportunity to explore the world of fashion. You will help Kate become a desired fashion designer. You help her go all the way to the catwalk. You and Kate will go far especially after fashion critic Hans Linsenbigiler offers her an opportunity of a lifetime. Get preparing for fun.

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If you’re looking for other games like GoodGame Fashion, check out the Fashion Worlds category.

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