Pet Worlds List

Are you looking for some fun animal games with cute pets? Here is our list of best virtual worlds with cute dogs, cats and other furry animals. The most famous game on this list is Howrse, also Animal Jam and Pet Party are very popular as well. Go ahead, adopt a little virtual puppy or a kitten, and feel their love! You can feed them, dress them, play with them and much more. If you run out of games here, please visit our sister site Pony Macaroni where we list all horse and pony games for you. In addition, we included a few games, in which you have to take care of a Virtual Baby. For more games like that, please refer to Games Like Baby Dow. Enjoy!

Star Stable (, , )
October 3, 2017 -

The Story of Star Stable Legend has it that Jorvik was once a lifeless rock in the middle of a very cold and very dark ocean. One day a star fell from the sky and… Read More »

Howrse (, )
September 29, 2017 -

One of the biggest virtual worlds centered on horses, Howrse boasts over 1.7 million members, and it’s growing constantly. So why not get in on a good thing now? The object of Howrse is to… Read More »

Pakka Pets Village (, )
August 13, 2017 -

A pet game unlike any other, Pakka Pets Village promises adorable adventure and new wonder. You are going to hatch and raise your very own Pakka Pet, and then go out in the world to… Read More »

Wauies (, , )
August 5, 2017 -

Wauies is all about having fun while challenging yourself. On the outside, Wauies is a cute game full of puppies and kitties where you can run a shop full of them. Once you start digging… Read More »

Happy Pet Story (, , )
August 2, 2017 -

Happy Pet Story welcomes you to a fun filled world of virtual pets and mini games that will keep you busy and excited. You will also have a house of your own that you can… Read More »

Zombie Pets (, )
August 1, 2017 -

Braiiins.. BRAIIIIINSSS.. For those of you out there that enjoyed Zombie Farm, or just love taking a break and having some fun on Facebook games, check out Zombie Pets! Watch as your Zombie Pets grow… Read More »

Boonieverse (, )
July 30, 2017 -

Create, care for, and battle with your own Boonies in Boonieverse. This is a great mobile game that is going to keep you entertained for hours upon hours. You are collecting and building a family,… Read More »

My Pet Zombie (, )
July 30, 2017 -

Zombies seen like you have never seen them before, they are cute! An excellent game created to play on your iPhones and iPod Touches! When you download your new app to your phone you will… Read More »

Neopets (, )
July 29, 2017 -

Noepets: The Game For Kids of All Ages and Adults Too What Is Neopets? This game was created in 1999 and is still going strong because it’s just so much darn fun! This website is… Read More »

My Singing Monsters (, )
July 23, 2017 -

My Singing Monsters, A New Slant on Social Games About My Singing Monsters Who ever heard of a game where players collect and breed monster and then listen to them sing?  Well that’s exactly what… Read More »


Bonus Featured Games

Our World

Virtual world, full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making new friends, interacting and playing mini games.

Club Cooee

Explore, Chat, Dance - this virtual world is sooo much fun! Dress up your 3D Avatar. Create and decorate your 3D chat rooms. Play games. Join in!

My Candy Love