Games Like Goodgame Disco

Here is a list of games that are similar to Goodgame Disco.

Goodgame Café


Have you been looking for a new time management game that will keep you busy for hour without even noticing the time? Goodgame Café will give you a chance to open your very own café and put your cooking skills to the test. You will have to create menus and much more.

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GoodGame Fashion


Do you happen to love fashion? If you managed to answer yes, then Goodgame Fashion is just for you. This 2D fashion world is great for girls and guys alike. Create a character, a screen name, and get ready to create your own clothing store where you design your very own clothing.

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My Cafe Katzenberger

MyCafe’ 12

Are you ready to own your very own café and make food for plenty of customers? You will have to create a character, and get your café set up. You will then be on the move from the start. You will be able to create food for your customers and you have to deal with them one at a time.

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Funny Pizza

Funny Pizza13

Funny Pizza will give you’re a chance to be a manager and chef. You will have to make pizza and different types of foods for your customer to help your business really begin to grow. You will have to create large profits and upgrade your items as you are playing.

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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire


If you have been looking for a real time strategy entertainment that will keep you doing what you do best, then you need Goodgame Empire. You will be able to grow your very own empire without having to constantly watch it. You will be able to form alliances and so much more.

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My Fantastic Park

My 5

If you truly love amusement parks then you are going to love My Fantastic Park. You will be able to start building all of the fun attractions and rides that you can think of. You will start out with a can throwing stall and build your amusement park from there.

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Running your very own business can be hard, but if you want to do so in a fun world then you need MarketLand. You will be able to run your very own business and turn it it into the largest department store around. You will have to work hard and there will be no signs of stopping once your begin.

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My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies5


Get ready to go back in time with this medieval times environment that has you building and constructing a farm of your very own. You will have animals in addition to plants to raise, the buildings determine what goes on at the farm and what can be done is never ending.

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Three aliens have landed on a strange planet filled with aliens. It is up to you to help them harvest the aether in order to repair their ship and head back to their own home planet. It will be hard to do, so complete the challenges and tasks on Earth as the aliens try to make it back home.

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Star Studio

Star Studio

Are you ready to play in a free world that will keep you busy for hours? Star Studio will do that and more. You will have work hard to build custom sets, create sets, and attract all the most famous movie stars from all over the globe. Create hangouts for celebrities and much more in your own city.

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Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital6

How would you like to work in the maddest hospital in the world? Kapi Hospital will allow you to work in your very own clinic, you will have a chance to treat crazy patients in your own clinic and then expand into your own hospital. There are over 77 different illnesses and remedies that you can use to treat your patients.

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My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo4If you are the type that has always thought about having your very own zoo, but haven’t been able to do so yet, then try My Free Zoo. You will be able to customize the zoo empire the way you want, add souvenir shops, even decorate the way you want. It’s yours after all.

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Garbage Garage

Garbage Garage8

Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to run your very own scrap yard? You will have a chance to see in Garbage Garage. You will be able to play against other people in a competitive world. You will have to do the activities to upgrade your garage and customize your space.

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