Games Like Dream Girl

Here is a list of games that are similar to Dream Girl.

Lady Popular


For a world unlike any other, you want Lady Popular. One of the biggest parts of the game is customization, offering millions upon millions of possible combinations. On top of this, you have potential boyfriends and a full life to explore. It is one of the most entertaining experiences that you will have.

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Movie Star Planet


Become a movie star in Movie Star Planet. You will start with very little to your name, but grow into one of the top film stars. To do this, you will play with your style, you will meet others, and you will do so much. It is a fun world with plenty of opportunities to rise to stardom.

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Dream Mining


Mine for your dreams in Dream Mining. You will choose one of the three characters, dress them up, and go forward with their stories. The stories will explore more creativity and imagination than most other games like this offer. It has the depth and choices that you crave in this genre.

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Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl

Choose from one of 17 girls and get dressing up in Style Me Girl. You can pick the perfect girl for your design preference, you can pick the perfect outfit, and you can watch as the girl makes the outfit look spectacular. Let your inner designer out when you play this fun and creative game.

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Stardoll Game


Dressing up has never been so fun thanks to Stardoll. You have so many celebrities and dolls to dress up, giving you the perfect model. With so many different facial expressions, tops, dresses, bottoms, and so much more available, you can get the perfect look for your chosen doll here.

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Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar6

Becoming a pop star is easier than ever before thanks to Virtual PopStar. You start as someone just entering the industry, but you will work your way up to becoming a huge celebrity. Build fans, build your presence in the music industry, and become the most famous pop star anyone has ever seen.

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WoozWorld is a new type of social game. It has the customization and the socialization, as always, but it also has member content. You can build content yourself or explore the content made by the developer. See everything this always expanding world has to offer its players, and make some content yourself.

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Secret Builders


Exploration, socialization, customization, and education all await you in Secret Builders.  You have the chance to dress up and meet others, just like in any other social game, but this has more to it. It has quests, historical figures, and entertainment that you will not find with other games out there.

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Our World


Play with outfits, go to lounges, chat it up, make friends, and talk about everyone’s looks. Our World is a full social game with a customization feature that anyone will love. You can make your avatar look perfect, compare styles, and talk to other players about nearly anything, all in a safe and fun environment.

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