Virtual Worlds with No Download


Here is a list of virtual world games without download:


ourworld8Our World is a 3D game full of minigames to keep you entertained. Interaction in this game is extremely easy and you’ll love how you can socialize with the blink of the eye! The game is absolutely free and available for play from the browser itself without download!

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sociotown9Enter Sociotown for fun and adventure! This 3D game is highly engaging with numerous activities and jobs to keep you hooked for hours. It is an amazing multiplayer social game that is browser based. The best part is that you don’t need to download the game at all! Play it right through your browser!

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woozworld5WoozWorld is a visually appealing social game, which is extremely safe to play. Also, you can play it on the browser itself. It offers numeorus customization options for you to have lots of fun. The game tickles your imagination and help you live in your own fantasy world.

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smeet2Smeet is for all those who are looking for a great platform for 3D chat! This browser based game is easily accessible. The best part is that you barely have any rules to follow in this game. It is all about imagination.

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Jamia Online

jamia-online8This game is amazingness in every aspect right from the fact that you can play it on your browser to the fact that Jamia Online allows you to play games, socialize with numerous people across the globe, and create your very own life online! Go on, try it!

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Cloud Party

Cloud Party 12Cloud Party is an addictive online game that can be played without downloading, directly from the browser. You need a Facebook account to play this game. The navigation is super easy and you can play it in any browser of your liking.

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Habbo Hotel

habbo7Habbo Hotel is diverse and pretty different from the other games you may have played. It is all about hotels and you have thousands of rooms to explore. Play online and explore the entire world without having to download it at all!

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WeeWorld3Weeworld is among the best places to socialize. You have plenty of chances to meet new people and play alongside them. Create your own cartoon charatcer and start playing on your browser with characters created by others!

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GoJiyo1Gojiyo is all about making new friends and exploring together on your browser. You can even explore the world alone if you wish too. Create your own avatar and start exploring while engaging in numerous activities!

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meez1Meez is a completely interactive game with excellent features. You can create your own world with amazing neighborhoods to chat with the others and to start playing great games!

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smallworlds1Smallworlds is a free online game that you can play on your browser with small worlds to explore. If you are 13+, this is the game for you! You can also buy the VIP membership to explore more and have even more fun.

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Chit Chat City

chitchatcity3Chit Chat City allows you to actually draw your favorite avatar! You have access to brushes and a 3D canvas in this game. The game also lets you create your own house and then start socializing! Another good thing about the game is that you can play it on the browser directly.

Play NowMore About This Game is all about dancing! So if you love dancing, you will love this game for sure! Log on through your browser and enjoy the graphics of this 3D game, which are simply top-notch. The songs and the music are amazing too.

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boombang8BoomBang lets you do a number of things at once including chatting away with others, decorating your house, playing numerous games, and making new friends. Also, there are no houses in this game. There are islands! Access from your browser.

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Miya: Before & After

miyabeforeandafter9Miya: Before & After is an engaging role-playing game with a number of options and features to explore. You can live like a Hollywood Star in this game!

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  • sunshine

    good ones but I know some of these already

  • Lou

    I-Dressup is good-ish.

  • joy

    I love all of them

  • Hope

    Some of these are great games

    • lexi

      yeah I know right

  • Smallworlds4ever

    Small worlds is the best one. If you join will never regret it.+

    • lovebeach1

      i will because i just think its slows you computer way down and its innoprent’

      • 00_TG_00

        Actually It’s Not I Doesn’t Slow My Computer Down And I Have An Old Mac And I Play This With My Sister And A 15 Year Old

      • 00_TG_00

        Actually It’s Not It Doesn’t Slow My Computer Down And I Have An Old Mac And I Play This With My Sister And A 15 Year Old

  • nono el gamda

    lol is crazy i know them all and u can but migoland and spine world couse they are back again for us i wish pico world is back like them !!!

  • nono el gamda

    ugh but migo land and spine world is closing for small time couse they are making update

  • nornpok

    woozworld is the best its cool

  • miya

    meez than woozworld

  • lauryn

    woozworld is the best

  • jenny

    ourworld is the best ­čśë
    add me on it i am

  • lovebeach

    i think all of this sucks even woozworld and smallworlds and most of all ourworld

    • musicluver29

      woozworld kicked me out -.- I cant even get in wth my bckup account

      • Angel Jimenez

        You Deserve To Be Kicked From WoozWorld For Being Such A Noob And A Idiot, You Idiot Noob!

        • Emma James

          I used to be RICH on WOOZWORLD…But then I got scammed and now I’m RICHish.. D:

  • meez junior

    join meez you get to earn money play games at the carnival earn money make friends chat and dance and in some rooms you could cuse :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Tete_Loves_You

    I love meez and woozworld btw my name on woozworld is Tete_Loves_You also as my name for meez is Tete_Loves_You add me ­čśŤ

  • :):):(:O

    Chitchatcity All the Way!

  • Emma James

    Games I Know: Animal Jam, Woozworld, Moviestarplanet, Minecraft, Chitchatcity, Small Worlds.

  • ………………………..

    i dont like smalll world

  • Bree

    Ourworld, It’s amazing. Meez like that too. Smallworlds sucks.

  • stop,dont talk to me…jk

    i cant pick one

  • stop,dont talk to me…jk

    its so hard ugggh

  • stop,dont talk to me…jk

    i dont like small worlds

  • df

    boom bang is under mantises

  • Violetmidnight Dreams

    Fantage and Ourworld…I like Animal Jam also….

    • Roblox4ever

      U should try ROBLOX ITS AMAZING!
      U can build your own game, make a nice character, buy clothe, and play hundreds of games
      One of the most amazing games i played in Roblox was Murder Mystery and work at a pizza place

      • Violetmidnight Dreams

        Ok, cool! Thanks!

      • ColdRoPlayisajackass

        I remember when welcome to the town of robloxia was the best game now theres a bunch of phonys but theres others too that work

  • RobloxianRobo

    I love roblox even though you have to download it wont give you a virus
    its so fun if you like replaying or just shooter or hang and chat this is for you

  • Ken Parker

    Smallworlds rocks add me piophyia nikki

  • lexi

    this is amaz

  • lexi

    hey is anyone here?

  • lexi

    um…..needs a bf

  • brittney

    woozworld is a awesome game

  • lexi

    is Brittney here

  • brittney

    i’m here

  • lexi


  • lexi

    yo lo

  • lexi

    im awesome

  • lexi


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