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galastories6GalaStories is bigger than most fashion games that you have played in the past. It is not just about dressing up, but also climbing your way to the top of the fashion world. Doing this may be difficult at times, but it can be exciting, like when you are creating your own fashions.

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Movie Star Planet


Are you the type who has always day dreamed about becoming a movie star, or knowing what it’s like and what they have to go through? Well now you can, and you can do it without giving up everything. You just sign up and then you’ll be in a new virtual world where you create a custom avatar.

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Spark City World


Spark City World gives you the chance to customize your own avatar as well as personalize your own home. You will be able to use numerous items available to do this, and they are all incredibly beautiful. As you play, you will be able to explore and meet new players as you have fun.

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It Girl

It Girl3It Girl is all about living the perfect life. You can date a rock star, shop at one of 6000 stores, and explore with your friends. Party and show how much you are enjoying life in this game. You can do whatever you want to do here, and all for your own entertainment.

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Innerstar University


With your own customized avatar and university dorm room, you are going to be able to use your creativity quite a bit in Innerstar University. When you feel that your designs match your tastes, play mini games, make friends or just socialize, and see what else this game has to offer you.

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Fashion Dream

Fashion Dream2Vera wants to run her own fashion store, and she is going to do so with your help. In Fashion Dream, you have to care for the customers’ needs to keep them happy. Stay alert and active in order to give everything what they want, when they want it so that you can succeed.

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Social Girl

Social-Girl 10Life has never been as exciting as it is in Social Girl. You are going to be partying, dressing up, and having fun with your boyfriend. Let him care for you as you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that is only possible online. You might never want to leave with how many things there are for you to do.

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Fab Fashion

Fab Fashion10– Kate needs to dress models and get them ready for the catwalk. Doing this requires your help, though. In order to succeed in Fab Fashion, help Kate to prepare the models for their walk. Using the various stations available, do their makeup, clothes, and whatever else is needed so that they can go walk the catwalk.

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Elite Dollz

Elite Dollz5

Get ready to be in an environment where you will be using your fashion skills. You will stay busy from the moment you begin, making fashion is only the start of it, you will also be able to make friendships, and much more as your character develops over time and gains popularity.

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Lady Popular


In this virtual world you will finally be able to change and customize anything you would like about your character, not just a limited amount of options. You will play this in your browser and you get to create your look from makeup, face, accessories and outfits, to breast size and more!

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