How to get Married in SmallWorlds

I’m sure you have been searching high and low to find out how to get married in this smart, fun game called SmallWorlds.  Well, you have come to the right place and we’re going to show you how easy it is and exactly how to go about getting married.

About SmallWorlds

But before going down the aisle to the alter, here’s a little bit about the game.  This fun, virtual game is based on making friends, hanging out with your friends, playing games and building your virtual home and world.

You can visit cafes, clubs, play arcades or stay at home and create your most awesome living quarters.  You can choose from thousands of decors and furniture pieces, place plants that literally bloom and adopt your best four-legged friend in the form of a kitten or a puppy!

Smallworlds House

You can also choose from hundreds of adventures in order to earn rewards and level up.  Earn tokens from simply playing fun games or Shop Til You Drop!

Your Awesome Pet

Your kitten or puppy will follow you everywhere you go and with special attention, on your part, will learn some really awesome tricks!  Oh, and your puppy or kitten is absolutely Free!

Get Really Creative

You can spend endless time painting, sculpting, decorating, creating crafts or developing a green thumb with your plants.


Chat with old friends or make new friends from over 25 million members playing the same game.


Customize your home, create your looks and dress up with your very own unique style!

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Okay, So How Do I Get Married On SmallWorlds?

Getting married is only done through the Role Play, you can’t really get married.  It’s optional and is not necessary but is available for those who wish to. Those who choose to marry will buy rings, have a wedding ceremony and that’s just about it.  SmallWorlds is a role playing game and you can take on several opportunities.

How Do I Get A Boyfriend On SmallWorlds?

It might be a good idea to have a boyfriend before contemplating marriage!  All you have to do is go to the Queen of Hearts Club and meet up with tons of people!  If you find a boy you like, just walk up to him and start a conversation!  “Hi – would you like to hangout?”  If he says “Yes – Add Me”.  You add him, he adds you and then you can invite him over to your house.  You can then either hang out or go out somewhere, like one of the clubs.

Smallworlds couple

Upon meeting, if he doesn’t want to hangout with you, that’s fine – there are many, many other boys to check out!

How Do You Have a Baby in SmallWorlds?

Again, people only role play in this game.  Other players will play the part of your baby.  That’s the only way in this game.

The main base of SmallWorlds is to socialize with other players, make new friends, play games or go on adventures to gain tokens, coins and leveling up.  Go hang out at the clubs or cafes and just have a lot of fun!  There are endless things to do and you will never be bored.

If you are creative, you are going to love painting, sculpting, training your pet to perform awesome tricks or grow plants that will actually bloom.

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