Games Like Ada’s Fashion Show

Here is a list of games that are similar to Ada’s Fashion Show.

Fashion Boutique

Fashion Boutique5

Fashion Boutique is a game that takes a new spin on the old sales idea. Now, you can travel across the country helping Maya bring failing stores to the top of their game by introducing new, top of the line fashion.

Fab Fashion

Fab Fashion5Do not forget to accessorize your models as their wardrobe may need a little extra flare. Add a handbag or a hat to their outfit.  You may even want to redo the model’s hair to give your fashion show the proper image you are going for. Kate will need all the help you can give.

Fashion Dash

Fashion Dash8

Fab Fashion is more than any fashion game has ever thought of being. This game takes the normal ideas of a fashion game and takes it to another level by adding the marketing aspect as well.  You will be able to help Kate design the world’s next top fashion and take it all the way to the cat walk!

Fashion Rush

Fashion Rush1

Fashion Rush is one of the most unique fashion games around. You are Satine’s personal assistant as she makes her way to the top of the fashion world. You will make sure material is ordered, take orders for clothes, and many other tasks in this beautifully designed and high-paced game.

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