Games Like Pocket Family

Here is a list of games that are similar to Pocket Family.

Happy Family

Happy Family9

Welcome to Happy Family, a virtual world that gives you the ability to experience love, joy and all sorts of fun. You will be able to interact with others, visit your neighbors, even take care of a home. These are just a few of the things that will keep you busy for hours here.

Virtual Families


If you enjoy playing games like the Sims, but you want something different to play then you should not pass up on Virtual Families as you get to have a family of your own to care for. You will have a 2-bedroom home as well, and there are various games to play too.

The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay2

If you are new to the simulation genre, then Sims FreePlay is the perfect chance for you to jump in and give it a shot. You may just find out that you really enjoy controlling the little people and helping them do every day activities such as bath and eat. There’s also various other things to keep busy with too.

The Household


If you are like many people who spend a bunch of time on Facebook, you will find The Household to be a great option for keeping busy. You will have all sorts of quests to go on, rewards to collect, even a gaming system. You start with the basics, and grow as you progress.

Bonga Online

Bonga Online12

Get ready to help out the Bongies, who are part of the Bonga tribe. You will assist them in having a better life and you will learn of their ways as you progress through the gameplay. You are going to make new homes on the island, and make it a paradise for the tribe.

My PlayHome

My PlayHome12

If playing doll house is what you are into, then you will find My PlayHome to be a great way to pass your time. You will find your imagination will be developed while playing and it’s easy to figure out making it great for anyone at any age! What are you waiting for?



Banished is a city builder that puts you in control of a group of travelers that have been banished. You will start with the cloths on their backs, and have to help them survive each day. You only have a few supplies in carts to help you get started and expand from there, do you have what it takes?

Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers

Do you think you have played every game out there or think that everything is the same? Well, you’re not alone, but Virtual Villagers is a bit different than the rest. You will find that this has 5 series, and puts you in full control over everything from the people to the community and more.

Farm Tribe


In Farm Tribe you are going to be leading an entire tribe and they all look up to you for survival. They need help with food, homes and other things. You will need to help them expand, there are also quests and collecting, managing and building things too. This will keep you busy for hours.

Gemini Lost

Gemini Lost12

If you are looking for a fun adventure that will keep you having fun for a long time, then Gemini Lost is the one for you. You will have many strategies and puzzles to figure out while managing your resources and building up the village. The villagers need your help as they rebuild a portal.

My Tribe

My Tribe11

If tribal games are your thing, you should check out My Tribe as you will be running the whole tribe. However, this one is not a simple or small game as you will have many different things to do and it can get complex. If you like a challenge, then you should get started today!

Many Years Ago

Many Years Ago10

Get ready to go back in time with Many Years Ago as you go back to a prehistoric era of cavemen. You will have to help an ancient tribe survive that nearly got destroyed by a volcano. They had a second home, but it also got destroyed. You will be building them new homes.

Second Life Game


Alright, so you are tired of reality or you want to try a new profession, but not in a spot to do it in real life? Second Life allows you to become anything you want from an entertainer to a real estate broker, store owner or game show host. You can design and create your own in-game items and much more.

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