Daniel Radcliffe Games

Here is a list of games that feature the popular actor, Daniel Radcliffe:

Dawn of the Celebs


Dawn of the Celebs is a game where the celebrities are turned into zombies. Your mission is to protect their lives and to stay alive. The game is quite simple. You can collect cash so you can unlock your weapons. There are awards to be collected. Get going and have fun!

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Daniel Dress Up


Daniel Dress Up gives you the opportunity to dress Daniel as you desire. You can mix and match clothes and accessories. You can go for the business look or the casual look.  You can change hairstyles also. You get to show off your style of dress. Get ready to get dressed up.

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Mature Wizard Couple


Mature Wizard Couple lets you dress Harry Potter and Ginny. You can change their outfits. You can mix and match. You have the freedom of selecting what you want them to wear. You have to click and drag. Get ready to enter the world of wizards.

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Dressup Wizard Emma


Dress up Wizard Emma gives you the opportunity to dress Emma as you desire. You get to mix and match her outfits, accessories, and hairstyles. You click on the article of clothing, shoes, or hair you desire. Your options are unlimited. Get ready to create her style!

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Cosplay Wizard


In Cosplay Wizard you dress Harry Potter and Ginny. You click and drag the clothing and accessories to dress them. You get to mix and match as you desire. You will have tons of fun. So get ready to create magic. You will have fun!

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Albus Dumbledore


Albus Dumbledore is a puzzle picture of Albus Dumbledore. You click and drag each puzzle piece. You put the pieces in place to create the photograph. You will have fun doing so, if you love doing jigsaw puzzles you will enjoy this puzzle. Enjoy! Have fun!

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Wizard Couple Dressup


In Wizard Couple Dress up you will dress Harry and Ginny as you want to with whichever combinations you desire. You click and drag the clothes to the characters. It will not let you put his clothes on her and her clothes on him. Have fun and get them dressed.

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U Wizard is a quiz in which you determine which kind of wizard you will be. The quiz will determine what kind of wand you will use. What type of pet you will have. You will learn your best and worst classes. It determines your position at Quid ditch. Get tested.

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Wizard Fashion


Wizard Fashion gives you the capability to dress your doll as you want. You can mix and match clothes and accessories. Hair can be done in different styles and colors. You can take photos of your model and print them. You can change backgrounds and zoom in and out. Have fun.  Get snapping.

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What now Harry


In What Now Harry you get to check out videos, photos, and wallpapers. There is a walkthrough section, an achievements area, and a section where you can download other games. There is an official page and extras. Get busy playing and have fun. The magic awaits you.

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Wordcross 15 Wizard


Wordcross 15 wizard is a word search game. You will press the letter and drag it to find a word in the list. Your score depends on how fast you are. You will have fun searching for the words.

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Friends Forever


Friends Forever names Harry, Herminoe, and Ron’s relationship. They will take us to the world of magic for a final visit. You get to dress these friends up for the new great adventure. Get ready to be entertained. Remember to have fun with or without your friends.

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Dress up Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel_RadcliffeDress up Harry Potter or shall we say, Harry Potter in some of the coolest outfits offered by Stardoll. Make him the best looking guy out there, whether it be in the muggle world or in Hogwarts.

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Dress Up Emma.Goodbye Harry Potter


In Dress up Emma-Goodbye Magic Story you get to dress Emma. You can changer her clothes, her hair, and her accessories. You also get to choose the setting of where she is going to be. You are in control. You get to make the choices Get ready, to have fun!

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Immortality Elixir


Immortality Elixir is brewed by mixing the right elements. You mix drops of the Four Elements together. The Great Wizard guides you to make the elixir. You need to memorize the order of the drops. The Great Wizard mixes and you have to repeat what he has done. Hope you have a great memory! It will come in handy.

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