Habbo Hotel Hints, Cheats and Achievement Codes

Habbo Hotel Crowd

View room connection

Type :performance to see how heavy is current room connection is. A value of 1000
is just right.

Chooser for non hc

Click on a person’s speech bubble to select them.


Furniture Controls

Use ‘Shift’ and click a furniture to rotate.
Use ‘Ctrl’ and click a furniture, it will go to your inventory.
Use ‘Alt’ and drag to move.

Secret Effect Phrases

Type :enable then a number between 1 and 100 (e.g. :enable 48). You’ll get an awesome effect.

For example:

:enable 62 (stars)
:enable 54 (bunny car)
:enable 78 (perry the platypus head)
:enable 29 (swim in anything!)
:enable 44 (SIMS diamond above head)
and many more.

Use :enable 0 to get rid of any effects you’re using.


View occupants of room

Type :chooser to see who is in the current room.
Note: You must be in Habbo Club to use this.

Hold [Shift] and click on a room to see who is in there.
Note: This can only be done in public rooms.

Extra Screens

Press Ctrl+N while playing to open a new window. You can then play with more then
one habbo at a time but you cannot play the same habbo on both screens.

Talk Wave and Dance Faster:

What u need are 2 rollers, a shelf, corner or something you can put a chair on (1 square only) and a chair now get the rollers facing each other like >>>|<< and roller B is facing A.

Voucher Cheat

First you enter this code then wait after 10 minutes and your credit has been sent.

Code Effect

K98HN34Y64 – 200 CREDITS
PO26C7IK60 – 400 CREDITS
KJ1HG32398 – 500 CREDITS
HS238CHV35 – 700 CREDITS
IDK123GB678 – 1000 CREDITS

Habbo Hotel Furnitures

View Furniture List

Type :furni to see a list of furniture in the room.

Symbol List

ALT+0134 = Bomb
ALT+0135 = Stop sign
ALT+0145 = Black padlock
ALT+0151 = Double musical notes
ALT+0153 = ? symbol
ALT+0166 = white Skull
ALT+0169 = © symbol
ALT+0174 = ® symbol
ALT+0204 = White padlock
ALT+0213 = Diamond
ALT+0216 = Dashed
ALT+0245 = Spade
ALT+124 = White heart
ALT+130 = Dashed
ALT+141 = Spiral
ALT+156 = Pound
ALT+157 = White star
ALT+159 = Black heart
ALT+161 = Single musical note
ALT+167 = Lighting bolt
ALT+168 = ¡ symbol
ALT+169 = fish
ALT+173 = ¿ symbol
ALT+175 = Club
ALT+21 = Peculiar
ALT+230 = Coffee cup
ALT+241 = Mobile/cell phone
ALT+246 = Thumbs down
ALT+248 = ° symbol
ALT+249 = Thumbs up
ALT+271 = Euro sign
ALT+276 = Light bulb
ALT+422 = Skull
ALT+424 = Upside down
ALT+667 = Cent symbol
ALT0176 = Superscript
Shift + = Heart

(Take note that Habbo Hotel have made updates and changes over the years, so some of these are not accurate anymore. You may want to leave a comment below and share your cheats, glitch and trick codes to help your fellow Habbo Hotel friends. 🙂 )


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