Virtual Worlds for Girls


Here is a list of Virtual Worlds for young ladies – these games are cute, girly and fun:

Social Girl

Social-Girl 2Social Girl is for all those fashion-loving girls who are waiitng to get out of their shell! The best thing about this game is that you can play it even while you are offline!

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Miya: Before & After

miyabeforeandafter13Miya: Before & After is an amazing role playing game for girls that lets you live the life of a Hollywood Star! Come, join this game and live the celebrity life of stardom and wealth!

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Spark City World


Customize your character, decorate your place, go shopping, and meet new people in Spark City World. This is an impressive social experience where you can live your own life, let loose your creativity, and have a lot of fun while meeting new and wonderful people along the way, making friends and even enemies at times.

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showup8Showup is a game with numerous game modes. This 3D game is all about dancing to the rhythm. The virtual world is huge and you can easily spend hours playing around and dancing away in merry and excitement.

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ourworld12Our World makes interaction with others a piece of cake. You can have lots of fun playing a wide variety of minigames. You can also interact with other players and even comment on their outfit if you want to. The game is very cool and fun.

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woozworld8Woozworld is an extremely safe platform for girls to play and make new friends. You don’t have to worry about safety at all in this game. For more options and features, you could also become a paid member.

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Pet VillePetVille is for all those girls who have always wanted pets. It is extremely cute and funky. You have your own pet in this game to groom, train, and play with. You can also buy treats, games, toys, and other stuff for your pet.

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Zwinky is a free game for girls that can be downloaded with ease. You can create your own character and then hang out and talk to the other players. The game is all about expressing your creativity.

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boombang3Boombang is a game that revolves around playing, having fun, and making new friends. You can hang out with them and express yourself in the best possible way. You don’t need to download this game.

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smallworlds4SmallWorlds is a virtual world that has numerous rooms for you to explore. You will be delighted to create your own avatar in 3D and then start playing! The game also lets you train pets! It is extremely cute and girls will love it. The accessibility offered is really good.

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audition7Want to do a jig? Audition is the right game for you! With over 20 game modes to choose from, this game is fun. Dance to today’s latest hits and amaze all your fans through this game!

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foopets2Footpets is an educational yet fun game. You will learn responsibility through this game by choosing your own pet and taking good care of it. The game has the potential to keep you hooked for hours!

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OZWorld OzWorld is all about engaging in numerous activities such as fishing. You can ply using your keyboard and your mouse according to your preference. You can also interact with other users! It is cute and the perfect place for girls!

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Littlest Pet Shop Online

Littlestpetshop12Littlest Pet Shop Online is a 2D world with lots of games to keep you engaged. It also offers a few chat options for you to explore. What’s more, you will have your own pet to play with! Are you up for it girls?

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Movie Star Planet

moviestarplanet10Movie Star Planet game is very creative and you will be able to create your new fashionable avatar and become a movie star eventually! The social aspect of this game is also pretty cool. Girls will simply adore it.

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