Interior Design Games

Here is a list of games that features home and interior designing.

Realistic Room Design


Realistic Room Design gives you a room to design. In it, you have plenty of options for flooring, wallpaper, bed, and more. You can use these items to create the type of space that makes you happy, that fits your interests, and that works with your personal design taste.

3D Kitchen Design


In 3D Kitchen Design, your mission is to create the perfect kitchen. You already have the layout done and you already have everything in, but now you have to choose the designs. Click the various items to get the look that you want and then create a combination that you feel works best.

Beach House

Beach House1

Design the interior of a modern Beach House. Change the color of the floor and wall, choose the furnitures and other items that you want to appear in the room by dragging them from the purple palette. With the variety of items, this is all going to be very easy to do and you’re not far from creating your own dream beach house.

Best Interior Design

Best Interior Design

With a few simple changes, you can have your dream room in Best Interior Design. Choose everything about the room and make it fit your personal style. With so many options, this is going to be an easy task for you. It is a quick game that anyone can love thanks to the great results.

Modern Hall Décor

Modern Hall Decor

Anyone who enjoys good interior design games should play Modern Hall Décor. This has everything that you want and more. It is easy to play, it has some fantastic options, and the results are sure to fit you perfectly, no matter the type of style that you prefer and want in this.

Interior Designer: Romantic Bedroom

Interior Designer - Romantic Bedroom

Set the mood in Interior Designer: Romantic Bedroom. You are going to want to make a romantic bedroom that not only looks beautiful, but also have the feeling that is expected out of romance. With the perfect combination, you can have what you love and what you want here with ease.

Interior Designer


Interior Designer is a simple and wonderful game. With the many items available, you are going to decorate your very own room. Move everything around, play with combinations, and get it just right so that it becomes the type of room that you would love for yourself and actually want to use.

Living Room Décor

Living Room Decor1

Living Room Décor is like a puzzle game, but with décor instead of puzzle pieces. You are going to move everything around so that it has the perfect look and flow, where the items lock into place. You want to make sure that you get everything just right in order to succeed.

Girl Room Décor

Girl Room Decor

Get the perfect girl room going in Girl Room Décor. You are going to click through the various items so that the designs fit your personal taste. Whatever you like, there is going to be an item that matches you. Choose the right combination so that you are happiest with the room that you create.

Interior Design Twin Bedroom

Interior Design Twin Bedroom

A room for twins is always hard work to design. In Interior Design Twin Bedroom, you are going to try this yourself. Using the items available, design the perfect space for twins. You are going to choose everything, including look and type, so that the result is spectacular and perfect for use.

Interior Designer Penthouse

Interior Designer Penthouse

Interior Designer Penthouse is exactly what you would imagine. You are going to design a penthouse so that it is looking fantastic. With a bit of creativity and style, you can make sure that what you have is better than anything you could have imagined before, and all with little effort.

Interior Design Game


Interior Design Game is a wonderful game with beautiful art. You are going to choose everything about the space, like the background and the items, and you are going to play around with placement. Thanks to how the game looks and plays, it is something that anyone can enjoy fully.

3D Game Room

3D Game Room

Click through the items in 3D Game Room to create the perfect game room. You are going to want it to be fun and inviting, and you are going to want it to fit your personal style. All of this is incredibly easy and it is a fun little game to play for anyone with a love for interior design.

Home Design Story

Home Design Story

Home Design Story is all about one thing: Home Design. You have your own home and you are going to have the chance to design it your way. The game is intuitive, easy to play, and something that you can take with you. Throw in your creativity and effort to create something amazing.

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