Games Like Animal Jam

Here is a list of games that are similar to Animal Jam.


howrse7Howrse is a highly interactive fun game that is growing popular by the day. The game is all about horses and breeding them. You get to take good care of a horse in this virtual world but you also need money. For that, you will need to find a job! The monkey on top will always be there to help you out.

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foopets2Foopets is a fun and exciting game that revolves around cute cats and dogs. You can choose whatever you like and then take good care of them. Check in at least once a day to see whether your little pet is okay. Feed him, adore him, and play with him!

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Bitty Bay


Bitty Bay welcomes you as you start out by creating an animal avatar. You will then be able to earn in game money to expand and get more avatars to use. You will be able to customize your appearance and explore various locations as you meet and talk to new people from all over the world.

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dogzer9Dogzer is for the dog lovers out there. Choose your favorite dog and start having fun! You don’t just get to feed him and groom him but you also get to take him to dog shows. You can also be a dog professional yourself to help other dogs!

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Club Penguin

Club Penguin2

It is time to put on your game face in Club Penguin. You will meet people from all over the world as you play different mini-games in order to earn coins that you can use to buy cool things like clothes, accessories, and even stuff for your igloo. Create your penguin and then begin exploring.

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Virtual Cat Pet World

virtualcatpetworld1This one is for those who love cats. Adopt a cat and take full responsibility of her. Feed her, put her to sleep, watch her play, play with her, keep her happy, and of course play mini-games!

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Virtual Dog Pet World

virtualdogspetworld2This one is for all those dog lovers! Adopt a dog and take good care of him right from feeding him to playing with him. Also, play the games in this virtual world to stay hooked!

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If you are a fan of panda’s, then you will love the fact that in Panfu you get to create a panda avatar and chat with all of your friends. You will also have many games to play to keep you busy and you’ll also go on quests as you explore various locations on the Panfu island.

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Happy Pets

happy petsHappy Pets is about pets and being happy! Adopt any of the cute little pets available and get playing! Spend quality time with your pet and when you want to pass time, chat with any of the others online at the same time! Your motto here is to keep your pet happy at all times.

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Mondo Zoo

mondozoo12Mondo Zoo is an exciting game that everyone who loves animals will enjoy. It is fun and very educational. You don’t just play here. You also learn a lot animals as you try to save them and bring them back to their native place!

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For even more games like Animal Jam, check out Pet Worlds category.

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  • Wolfruler

    what about Transformice?

    • gamer_3D

      I like that game too. 🙂

  • pootime

    I love animal jam and can’t find a game as gooooood as it

  • William Fox

    jk jk sorry

  • unknown

    i got hacked on AJ. i emailed them like 5 days ago and they still havent emailed me back. they obviously didnt care. what if that was a 6 year old who got hacked? they would probably be upset and AJ just wouldnt care! not a very good game!

    • Sage wolf

      when I got hacked ajhq gave me 66 diamonds because they do care!
      I always pretend to be the parent that always works

    • Tess


    • Autumn

      you have to email them twice. that is the only way that it will work.

  • hi

    any games like animal jam online, and what time does feral heart open for new accounts?

  • Kjera Matthes

    ikr animal jam will always be the B-E-S-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first my grandma thought Animal Jam gave your computer viruses but now she likes Animal Jam again and doesn’t think that way anymore. Thankfully,omg I’d die with out Animal Jam,lol! Btw,my Animal Jam username is Kjkittens.

  • Sunset

    hi if you want to buddy me in animal jam my username littlemagicwolf

  • Dagerage666

    i like animal jam but I don’t care for it that much but I still play it so my name is Fireeye23456

  • jenna

    I can log in to my animal jam 🙁


    sorry adout my user name………………………(((((((had caps on wan doing that)))))))

  • Gitu17


  • gogo

    if u want a free membership, then here r codes dudes!

    and thats all i have! Animal Jam HQ might not let it work thou, but AJBU85425496648800 worked and gave me free 1 month membership!!!

  • gogo

    btw my user is Wolfie2071, if i find a code, it will (might) be for membership

  • gogo

    Miarissy ( Miatriss ) has some good Five Nights at Freddy’s songs, check them out btw!! 🙂 😀 XD

  • Wolfie2071

    hey! you are a copy cat! i am the real Wolfie2071!!!! how dare you steal my user!!!
    i know ur user! it is pewdiepie2007, so i can report u gogo!!!! STEALER!!

  • gogo

    haha wolfie! i know your password! it is: iliketotwerkforboys

  • Wolfie2071

    ha! dummy, i changed the password!!!

  • Wolfie2071

    its rlly hard! somethin like random letters!

  • Wolfie2071

    oopsy, i told the password
    um… i gtg change it…

  • Idon’thaveanheart

    animal jam will be known as the BEST GAME EVERR :)))
    And plus all the other games SUCK. They r totes not like animal jam 🙁

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