Virtual Pet Worlds

Here is a list of virtual pet worlds that feature cute pets and animals:


howrse7Howrse is for those who have always wanted horse for pets! Sounds interesting, right? This fun and entertaining game lets you breed horses and there is also a monkey on top to guide you through! Amazing, isn’t it?


foopets1Foopets is an entertaining virtual world that let you adopt a dog or cat. Once you adopt, you can name it and then go ahead with taking good care of it. Throughout, you will learn how to be responsible and to ensure that your dog or cat is healthy and happy.

School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 3

If you liked the movie you’re going to truly have fun with this. It gives you some of the same characters that you seen in the movie. You will have the opportunity to see how it feels to live a life where you won your very own dragon. You’ll have to play with your dragon, feed it, and it eats fish by the way!


spore2This very fascinating game in which you evolve from a single cell deep in the ocean to a being that is ready to take over the entire galaxy!  Start from being a cell to a tribal person to to conquering earth and then taking on the galaxy!


dogzer12Just as the name suggests, this game is all about dogs! Choose your favorite breed and start off this game. Care for your little pet, take him to vet, and register him in various dog shows. The game also lets you enter your dog in competitions.

Wizard 101

wizard101-4Wizard 101 is a magical game! Along with learning the art of magic in school, you can own pets if you want! This multi player game is very safe to play with parental administration.

Animal Jam

animaljam5Animal Jam is an offering from National Geographic. It is vibrant and enjoyable, and kids as well as teenagers alike will enjoy this game. The game has all kinds of animals including panda bears, rabbits, tigers, wolves, koala, and monkeys. Choose who you want to be and start exploring!

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