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Here is a list of games that are similar to Spark City World.

Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet1

Have you ever fantasized about being a movie star? Movie Star Planet allows you to live in the movie star world. Your avatar you create will become a movie star. It lets you see where the movie tar life will take you. The parent will love the educational aspect.

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Our World


In this game you will have an email box to receive notices about challenges you get and other notifications from us. You can use your email box to message friends and get messages. You’ll begin by choosing an avatar, and continue throughout with decorating and improving your condo. There will be various mini games offered.

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smeet1Come hang out with people from around the world, meet new friends, buy furniture for the home, and dress your character up. Anything is possible here in a world that’s totally fictional. You are going to choose a character and give it a makeover to resemble yourself. There is plenty of activities to keep you busy.

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You are about to transform the world, but before doing that you will need to create a Woozen. Once you have a Woozen you will also have to create a Unitz for the Woozen. As soon as you have your avatar chose and customized, and have a home for him/her you will be able to get involved in the activities offered.

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La Dee Da

La Dee Da12La Dee Da offers games, eBooks, videos, and much more for your enjoyment. You get to turn your fashion skills into entertainment. You will not be bored. There is too much to do. The main focus is fashion. You will have lots of fun and enjoyment. Are you ready for fun and adventure?

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High School Fashion: Makeover

High SchoolHigh School Fashion Makeover takes you to a new adventure with Angie, Kena, Talia, and Paige. You get to try different hairstyles, try different makeup, and dress the girls up. No matter what the occasion the girls want to look hot. There are hours of fun here just waiting for you.

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Bonus Featured Games

Our World

Virtual world, full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making new friends, interacting and playing mini games.

Club Cooee

Explore, Chat, Dance - this virtual world is sooo much fun! Dress up your 3D Avatar. Create and decorate your 3D chat rooms. Play games. Join in!


Romance, relationships, chat and very interesting places to see! This will be your favorite virtual world, forever and always. Try and see.

My Candy Love