Games Like Fashion World

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fashion World.

Juliette’s Fashion Empire

Juliette’s Fashion7

Juliette’s Fashion Empire is in need of your help. While Juliette is incredibly skilled, she cannot do everything on her own in this game. This is where you come in. Make sure that the models are happy and that everything is going smoothly in order to be successful throughout the entire game.

Fashion Rush

Fashion Rush1Satine is in need of your help! Open Fashion Rush up and begin helping her to run her new boutique. She needs you to help with the creation of the outfits that are going to be sold as well as the selling of those products. Make sure people are happy from start to finish

Fab Fashion

Fab Fashion5

Kate is in the middle of preparing models for the catwalk and it is your job to help. You are going to be making sure that the models are happy, even the very impatient ones, and that everyone is enjoying the show rather than focusing on problems with the outfits.

Fashion Dash

Fashion Dash10Coco is hoping to reach the top of the fashion industry, but that is only possible with your help. Throughout Fashion Dash, you are going to need to improve Kates’s skills and keep her motivated. Do the work and you should see her succeed like no one else has before.

Fashion Craze

Fashion Craze1Maria jumped from journalist to clothing shop employee rather quickly. In order to help her out, you are going to need to play Fashion Craze. Make sure that the customers are happy and that they are not left waiting for too long. Keep an eye on them if you want to succeed.

Fashion Story

Fashion Story10Fashion Story is a simple but exciting game that will feed your love of fashion. You are going to be building your own boutique for all to enjoy and making it your own. Change the layout and the design to have your own needs, whatever those may be for you.

Fashion Fits

Fashion Fits4

The customers in Fashion Fits are in need of your help. They each need different levels and types of attention so make sure that you are there for them. Give them whatever they need and make sure that they are not left waiting for too long, or else you might upset them.

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