Games Like Pora Ora

Here is a list of games that are similar to Pora Ora.



Welcome to Kuboo. Just so you know, this world was designed for children that want to have the opportunity to give their parents full control over them. In the virtual world of fun and excitement you will encounter many different things to do such as puzzles, activities, a chance to be involved in sports, etc.


JumpStart 1

You are about to start a game that is not only filled with fun stuff to do, but has educational values as well.  It is a safe environment to play with others your age. There will be many places to explore and you will be learning at the same time. However, chatting is not allowed here.



This is a narrative universe style gameplay that helps learn English. You are going to be playing with flamingos that speak English, and each one has a personality of their own. The instructions are translated in 32 various languages making it understandable for most people of any age.

Animal Jam


You and your newly adopted dragon are going to Jamaa. This world is a virtual fantasy world the is filled with thousands of small animals. Yo will complete your dragons training and throughout your journey everything will be seen through the eyes of your dragon. It is going to give you an up close and personal experience how dragons actual did live.

Clay Piggy

Clay Piggy

During your adventure of learning through an interesting and fn concept You will learn about putting back a little money for emergencies, paying bills, calculating expenses, such as groceries, how to budget, investing, such as buying into businesses, investing in stocks, and etc., and much more. It even teaches you have to donate to charity.

Secret Builders


This is educational, yet it focuses on social activities, humor, and it is lots of fun. Designed for the for teens and also for those ages 3 and up. It features things such as earning gold coins that you can purchase items with, and completing multiple mini games. It also gives you many different quests.

FrankTown Rocks


FrankTown Rocks is an MMO that lets you create music, make friends and watch videos, even play mini games and hang out with friends when you’re not able to in person. You are going to earn virtual money that you can then use to do things within the game, the currency is known as Franks.

Roly Poly Land


After creating your Roly (small creatures that and round), you will simply jump into the game. Now that you are officially in the game you and your Roly will begin playing the different games offered in the surrounding areas of Roly Poly Land. All the educational games here have been designed to be fun and interesting.

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