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Movie Star Planet

Here is the list of games, that are very similar to Movie Star Planet:


i-dressup1i-dressup is for all those who have been looking to dress up cutely and dazzle everybody! The dresses here are extremely cute and adorable. Moreover you have lots of choices to pick from. Choose your dolls and keep them in fashion at all times!

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Sorority Life

sororitylife7Sorority Life is all about leading a fashionable life. Enter this world if you are fed up of the boy dominated world and would like to have some girly pleasures. Here you dress up, go to work, shop, host parties, and lead a fab life!

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Jojo’s Fashion Show 2

jojosfashionshow2Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 provides you a lot of entertainment in the form of 50 different levels! Moreover, it gives you the option of capturing the photo of your model! To complete levels you should be able to complete fashion shows successfully here.

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Social Girl

Social-Girl 2The best thing about Social Girl is that you can play the game offline as well. Social Girl is about having things your way and having just the perfect boyfriend! Here you get to dress yourself however you want and make friends with others who share your interests.

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Style Me Girl

stylemegirl3Style Me Girl is a high quality game with nice graphics. The game is more of a fashion puzzle that you have to solve. The 3D models are attractive and will keep you engaged for long for sure1.

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Mall World

mallworld10Mall World is a Facebook game that requires you to impress everyone with your botique. If you have always wanted to do something related to fashion, here is your chance! Sell new dresses and give your friends amazing makeovers!

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Dream Mining

dreammining2Dream Mining is an extremely safe platform for girls, which focuses on more than just fashion. This game is also about music and film. Surely you love them too and that is why you will simply love having all your three likes in the same place. Sing when you want to, make videos, and of course design!

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Doll and The City

dollandthecity7Doll and The City is all about dressing up your doll in the many different outfits that the virtual world offers. Once you dress your doll, you can even take up a related job such as makeup artist, dressmaker, secretary, babysitter, and hairstylist. DEpending on your job you will have tasks to complete.

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Innerstar University

innerstaruniversity2Innerstar University is a virtual world that will help boost your morale and your self-esteem. This one is a positive, safe, and social environment for you. Dress up your avatar and start playing the game. Your job is to be the ideal student at the university!

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Disney City Girl

disneycitygirl2Disney City Girl is an excellent game that provides superior animation and graphics. This Facebook game is about you wanting to get independent and standing on your own feet in a new big city. Explore the challenges and make new friends to complete tasks easily.

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For even more games that are like Movie Star Planet, check out Fashion category and Social category.

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  • Peyton Anne – Smith

    Actually these are all doll games, any that have proper chat, invites, coins, not fashion though?

  • Chloe

    I Wish There Would Be More =(

  • rain

    ya i love msp though nothin could beet it yo

    • hannah

      u play msp? friend me my user name is Ashcraft09

  • mommomomo

    nothing is as good as msp here X(

  • emma


  • emma

    my name on msp gloria16 add me

  • angela

    I hate this baby websites:-(

  • Gillian Campbell

    Friend me on usa msp Madds<33 VIP judge, celeb, lvl 21

    • MSP lover

      add me BB Deluxue!

  • kirsten

    friend me on msp monkeybutt82202

  • loveme

    this is boring

  • israt sanjida

    how bout games with chats and stuff…

  • ariana

    right that invites chats and coins also NOT ONLY FOR APPS

  • kiki

    msp will never be beaten

  • xxMeganxx

    add me msp littlemicky2004 x

  • weslley

    how much do u guy’s feeem

  • ariana


  • vivivi

    can i back into map please it would mean a lot to me

  • vivivi

    can i back into map please it would mean a lot to me

  • abbey

    these games aint that good

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