Games Like Smeet


Here is the list of games, that are very similar to Smeet:


meez11Meez is as close to reality as it can get! It has neighborhoods that you could choose from. Once you choose what you like, you can proceed to play games and watch various videos. If you are bored, you could socialize with the other players too. Start off by creating your own avatar and then start exploring.

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Chit Chat City

chitchatcity2Chit Chat City is all about getting creative first and then chatting away. Right from the time you create your avatar you have to think creativity so that you stand apart from the rest. Use your imagination and create the perfect avatar!

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sociotown5If you are looking for an interesting and fun world you should definitely check out Sociotown. Besides giving you the opportunity to chat with others and pass time, the virtual world allows you to engage in numerous unique activities such as bug catching!

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smallworlds4Small Worlds consists of numerous smaller worlds. You can pick the world you’d like to start with and then start exploring. The game is about coming together and doing things hand in  hand including watching videos.

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nord6Nord is an excellent virtual world that requires you to wear your thinking cap and do some serious thinking. Why? Because it is ALL about your imagination. You can literally bring things you always imagined to life through this game! Just get creative and impress others with your creations here!

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Club Cooee

Club CooeeClub Cooee offers you some time to relax. It is a laid back game that lets you do what you wish to. Whenever you are bored, you can chat. If you don’t feel like doing anything you can relax by yourself. The interesting thing here is that there are a few pretty good topics that the world provides for you to pick up and chat.

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onverse1Onverse is a very safe and flexible platform for kids. Here you can engage in a number of activities. You can dance, you can chat, you can go shopping, and you can even show some interest in cars if you want to! The flexibility makes it a very popular game among kids.

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Our World

ourworld2This high interesting and entertaining world gives you more than 50 different games to play. When you don’t want to play, you can chat with the others. But the best part is that in the beginning you get to design your own condo just as you always wanted!

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imvu11IMVU is a highly addictive game because it has tons of stuff for you to do. You have quests, you have games, and you have the opportunity to make new friends. If you don’t want to do anything, you can just move around and explore.

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Second life

SecondLife10Second Life is indeed your second shot at life. How would you want to actually live your life? How would you want to look? What would you want to do? Have all your questions answered and thoughts materialized here in this excellent world.

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For even more games that are like Smeet, check out Social Worlds category.

  • anasia

    my faviorote is second life!!!!!!

  • anasia


  • anasia

    and ouyyy

  • Kelly FabuLouis Tomlinson

    i think imvu is the best

Bonus Featured Games

Virtual Families

This is game is similar to the Sims. You get to control a family in a 2 bedroom home. Throughout the course of the game you can build new relationships with other sims, start romantic relationships, watch children grow, have your own kids and earn money.