Games Like Jamia Online

Here is a list of games that are similar to Jamia Online.

Our World


Create new friends and complement what they are wearing, what you do is up to you. You have an in game email box to invite others to send you messages, and you can send them messages as well. You’re in game email box is where we send you information about new challenges.

Gaia Online

Gaia Online

Gaia Online offers an impressive and huge community along with customization options that put other games to shame. You can create an entirely unique avatar, explore the world of Gaia, meet up with other players, and customize your own apartment. Gaia is a big game with a lot to offer.

Line Play

Line Play

No matter if you want to be a boy, girl, or bear, you can choose your appearance and customize it quite a bit. Line Play is a great place to let your creativity go and have fun. When you are done customizing, you can go around and meet the many other people in Line Play, making friends and showing off your outfits.


YoVilleYoworld takes you to your virtual life in style and with excitement. You will be able to lead one amazing life online that you are going to adore. Create an avatar, meet other players, and do everything that you want to do. The activities and possibilities here are nearly endless.



Visit some of the official regions, there is the Cortozza, Lib Street, Mystic Alley, and Colony V, the Nationz, and more. You are encouraged to create content of your own that is player generated. You are going to enjoy this web based socializing gameplay. You are first going to get to create your own character with accessories and everything.

Virtual Family Kingdom

Virtual Family Kingdom

Virtual Family Kingdom is all about bringing the family together and creating some spectacular environments. In this game, you have the chance to use your imagination in so many ways. The opportunities are astounding and will keep you occupied for a long time, and help you to build strong relationships.



Anyone hoping to lead a relaxing and entertaining virtual life can look to GleamVille. Playing this game gives you the chance to create your own avatar, explore, take part in a large number of activities, and meet some friends along the way. Play games to earn in game currency and improve your avatar.

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