Games Like Fashion Designer: Holiday Dresses

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fashion Designer: Holiday Dresses.

Movie Star Planet


Get ready to personalize your very own movie star avatar. You have to work hard at it, but you can now become a movie star without spending all the money, you customize the hair, and other things and choose between male or female characters as well, it’s not just for girls!

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Dream Mining


Get started by choosing out of three main characters, Lily is a singer, Ella is a film maker, and Sarah is the designer of fashion! It does not matter what you dream of being, you will have the ability to make it come true in Dream Mining. You will be able to shop and more.

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Lady Popular


Introducing Lady Popular, where you will customize the look of your character from hair style and makeup to breast size and clothing, there are 16 million ways to change your character! You may find that you have so much fun that you forget about the time spent here.

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Stardoll Game


How would you like a chance to play dress up with a virtual paper doll? Stardoll will allow you to create your very own avatar known as a Medoll and dress up celebrities, or design your own clothes for your Medoll to wear. You will have a chance to do more than just dress up your character as well.

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Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar6

Do you love to perform, sing, dance, or just be the center of attention, but you aren’t that great? Virtual PopStar will give you a chance to do what you love without ever having to leave your home. Build up a huge fan base so that you can earn plenty of cash.

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Our World

Our World

It is your time to shine when you are able to create your very own avatar that you will be able to use to chat with, play mini-games, and so much more. You will be able to customize just about everything in your world like condos, your avatar, and so much more.

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Mall World


Get ready to sell various new styles in your brand new shop. With this Facebook game you will be able to show off your stylish boutique to your friends from around the world and much more. You will dress your avatar, sell new styles and you can provide makeovers for your friends too!

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Once you get started you will create your Woozen, and your Woozen Unitz (which you’ll used items you have collected such as furniture and etc., to decorate your Unitz. There is plenty for you to do once you have created your avatar and your avatars home. You can even visit other regions referred to as ‘Nationz’.

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Download this client and start creating your avatar, customize it the way you would like and then hang out with friends and more. You will have many features like inbox messages, shopping, chatting with other people and more. You even have a room that you can decorate.

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Second Life Game


In second life you will not only have a character you can customize, but you can make your own clothing and other items, even houses, cars, you name it. You can start a business, go shopping, hang out with friends or make new ones. If you have always wanted to be free, this is the place!

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