Games Like Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles.

Disney Princess: My Fairy Tale Adventures

Disney Princess My Fairy Tale Adventures

As the Fairy Godmother’s apprentice, you have to help all sorts. In Disney Princess: My Fairy Tale Adventures, you will help the princesses. Explore all of their different worlds, complete quests for them, and do your best as a Fairy Godmother in training. It is a difficult but rewarding job.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Hidden Treasures

The Little Mermaid

Collect all of the shells you find in The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Hidden Treasures. You will find seashells all over the sea in this game. When you collect enough, exchange them for other items. Just make sure that you do not hit rocks or the enemies that will swim by or around you.

Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl

Mermaid Adventures

Match as many tiles as you can in Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl. You have a lot to match and so many possibilities. Match as many different ways as you can. Do not worry about staying in a straight line, either. As long as they are connected and the same, you can match them.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Symphony

The Little

Create a beautiful piece of music in The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Symphony. Drag and drop different sounds to keep them playing. You want your musicians to come together to make a symphony that will bring a tear to all eyes, from Ariel to Sebastian to even Triton himself. Mix and match every sound.

Ariel Dress Up

Ariel Dress Up

Dress up your favorite little princess in Ariel Dress Up. She is ready for fun times, but needs your help to look good. Choose everything from the background to the dress, giving her the best makeover that you could possibly imagine. It is easy and entertaining for you to do.



Mermaid is a match 3 game with a cute theme. You have mermaids, fish, and all of those fun little underwater creatures. To succeed, you will have to match at least three different fish and score as high as possible. You have plenty of levels to go through so you never have to worry about the fun stopping.

King Tritons Tournament


Get a jump on the enemies when you play King Triton’s Tournament. Play as either Ariel or Triton himself to win the tournament. Stay alive by avoiding enemies coming at you from the top while also hitting them from the top to take them out. Use special moves to help you win.

Mermaid Ariel and Letters Hidden


Your task in Mermaid Ariel and Letters Hidden is to find all of the letters. You have all letters of the alphabet hidden throughout a picture. Look through the picture to find each of them. Try to get them as quickly as possible to score your best on this game.

Winx Club Mermaid Layla


Collect and escape danger when you play Winx Club Mermaid Layla. You have a lot of little items to pick up as you swim across the water, but be careful! If the enemies take you out too many times, the game is over for you and you will have to start over from the start.

Glam Splash


Get all glammed up in Glam Splash. Collect the accessories that you need by swimming through the water. Watch out for danger, however, because hitting something bad will result in losing some of what you collected. Get your score up and keep it up while staying away from everything else.

Mermaid Ariel and Flounder Puzzle


Put together an adorable puzzle of Ariel and Flounder in Mermaid Ariel and Flounder Puzzle. You have several piece amounts available and you just have to find the right spots for them all. Choose the difficulty that you prefer, figure out where the pieces go, and make the puzzle come together.

Save Mermaid in the Water


Hit all of the bad guys with your triton when you play Save Mermaid in the Water. You have to save the mermaid and save Flounder, which means good aim and good timing. Score as high as you can with each level and do not let the bad guys take any of your friends away.

Harry Potter in World Mermaid


You will have to help Harry advance in the Tri Wizard Tournament when you play Harry Potter in World Mermaid. Escape from the Mer people while attempting to pick up the gilly weed. Go as fast as possible and score as high as possible if you want to do your best.

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