Games Like Face Your Manga

Here is a list of games that are similar to Face Your Manga.

3D Avatar Creator

3D Avatar4

Make some of the cutest and most amazing avatars out there with 3D Avatar Creator. It is a simple, fun avatar creator with a lot of clothes and accessories to offer. Once finished up with them, you can do more. You can even turn them into emotes for when you message your friends.

Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator

Marvel's 1

Create your very own superhero in Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator. There are so many items available for you to use, from Wolverine’s claws to some of your favorite suits. You can make the superhero that you have always dreamt of becoming or that you would love to see come to life.

Chibi Me

Chibi Me13

Go super cute with Chibi Me. You can make little avatar faces using the chibi style of art. Everything is all about being adorable, whether the face is evil or happy. With so many styles and accessories available, you should have no trouble getting the looks that you really want here.

WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee Avatar Creator12

Create the perfect little WeeMee in WeeMee Avatar Creator. There are plenty of styles possible here so it will fit anyone. You can play with the clothes, hair, skin, accessories, and other items to get the look that you really want. It is a lot of fun for any fan of customization and avatar games.



DoppelMe is a cool avatar creator with a lot of options for you to use. Choose the gender, skin color, and eye color when you start out, then jump right into full customization. Use the hair, clothes, accessories, and much, much more to create the perfect look for your little avatar.

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator is a cute, free avatar creator where you can make an adorable look for yourself. Choose the face, clothes, and accessories to get the perfect look going. It is a simple avatar creator so it is not too detailed, but still plenty of fun to use.

Cute Avatar Creator


Make some ultra cute avatars in Cute Avatar Creator. Use a bunch of different hairstyles, clothes, and items to turn a basic avatar, without much to it, into something that will have you squealing and happy. Since it is on your mobile device, begin sharing and using it right away, too.



Using Avachara will give you the chance to make the perfect avatar. Male or female, no matter the style that you prefer, you should find something here that you like. It is simple and it gives you the chance to make the avatar that suits you best, right down to the way that you look.

South Park Avatar Creator

South Park

Having your own South Park character is now possible. With South Park Avatar Creator, you can create an avatar in the style of South Park characters. Choose everything about the appearance, from the body type to everything that your avatar will wear. It is easy and fun for any fans.

Avatar Creator Social by MogiMe


Make amazing avatars thanks to Avatar Creator Social by MogiMe. You can create all types of avatars right from your phone or tablet. Once finished, do with them as you please. You can even turn them into friends’ display pictures or start anew with different styles. It is all up to you.



Make an avatar with your face thanks to Pickaface. Choose from male or female and then jump into customization. You can make the face look like yourself or you can play with a new face entirely. Go creative, go personal, or go with a celebrity that you really like, whatever you want.

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