We’re Surrounded By New Games!

Okay – we’re going to skip the tech talk today (mostly) and focus on what we all love the most: games. New games, to be exact. There’s some cool stuff coming up that will tie into a highly anticipated movie (The Lego Movie, to be exact) and the App store is littered with new games. Of course, we have a small update on the new Google Play store as well, but that leads into the awesome new-to-Google games that will be available soon. So let’s get started!

Lego Movie Video Game Coming Soon(ish)!

The much anticipated The Lego Movie, set to hit theaters in February 2014, just got a lot more exciting: Warner Bros. announced that they’d be releasing a coordinating game in line with the release of the movie. In the game, players will work as Emmet, the main character from the movie, and go through a series of quests to save the world and stop an evil tyrant. In order to win the 15 levels of the game, players will need to build construction sets or build new objects with an earned power.

And the best news? The game will work for all current and next-generation consoles, including your Play Station, Xbox, Wii U, and 3 DS, as well as your PC.

Keep your eye out for an official launch date!


New iPhone Games!

We haven’t done a full round-up of new iPhone games in a while, so here are the latest and greatest! Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Greedy Dwarf: Featuring 32 different levels, this game has you playing as a dwarf who’s trying to escape a nasty dragon. Why is he chasing you? Because you stole his gold! Available for just $0.99, this has good graphics and exciting levels.

Smooth Operators!:  With this somewhat unique game, you get to play as a call center manager, working to build up your business by hiring employees, adding on to your office space, and managing resources. You compete against other call centers and there’re multitudes of different options and training courses to unlock. While it sounds about as boring as working at a call center, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this one. Plus, it’s only $2.99!

Fightback: If you’re partial to old-school fighting games, then this is definitely the download for you! While the plot is arguably thin (okay, it’s kinda silly, honestly) there are over 100 different levels and plenty of awesome people to fight. You can also earn tattoos, so that’s always a plus! And … it’s FREE!

Limbo: The much hailed puzzle game is finally available for your iDevice. Your character has to complete puzzles in an attempt to find his missing sister, all while walking through a hell-inspired forest. A bit gruesome (i.e., not for the younger crowd), it’s definitely addicting (and fun to play in the late at night!). This one is currently $4.99.

limbo game

New Google Play Store Launches!

So Google Play finally went and upgraded their store, giving it a much more eye-catching look and one that, at least according to the master of the internet, is easier to navigate.

It features a tile layout with soft colors and a more modern font than previous versions. As per everything Google, the store can read your mind (actually, it keeps track of what you download) and lists recommendations for you as well as subcategories so you can narrow down your searches. Directly on the homepage there are also links to buying cards or gift cards and your running wish list (a new addition).

All in all some good improvements!

New Games in Google Play

What would a new store layout be without some new games?! It seems that developers are viewing Google Play as the new big dog in town and EA games has made the updated version of the Tetris app available for the store, which was previously only found in the Apple store. Although it’s still the classic game we all know and love, it’s much more modern (and the music is way less annoying). And as a bonus, and like every new game out there, you now have access to Facebook-linked leaderboards as well.


In addition to this addition (see what we did there?), Rovio is also making Angry Birds: Star Wars available in the store as well, another one that was only available to Apple. This will be ready for download on September 19th. Still a ways away, but better than never!

Let us know what you think below!

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