Games Like Doli Girls Barbie Fashion Dress-Up

Here is a list of games that are similar to Doli Girls Barbie Fashion Dress-Up.

Movie Star Planet


Playing Movie Star Planet gives you the chance to live a dream. Become a celebrity while still enjoying all of the luxuries and wonders of life, including some amazing fashion. You still get to move your way on up in the life of a celebrity, but you do not have to change your fashion or interests to get there.

Our World


Make all types of friends in Our World. Here, you can see people from across the world, or at least see their avatars. Make your own avatar, discuss other avatars’ fashions, and make friends. It is a safe, fun world full of possibilities and entertainment for all ages and all types.


Woozworld 12

WoozWorld is a world of creativity and imagination. It has a lot of player generated content that you can explore, and that you can even make yourself. On top of this, you have content from the developers to make sure that there is always a place for you to explore and have fun.

Lady Popular


You will have all of the popularity you can handle in Lady Popular. Make your avatar using millions of possible combinations, get a job, get a place to live, and even go on dates. It is life, just better and with more amazing opportunities in it. You can do everything that you have always wanted to do.

Dream Mining


When you play Dream Mining, you can let your creativity flow. There is so much to this game, even more than you normally find with dress up games. This is because it is more than just dressing up. You also have a focus on movies and music, giving you a full creative experience.



Choose your model, which includes celebrities like Rihanna, and get designing in Stardoll. You can make the perfect outfit, using all types of clothes and accessories. You can become a top designer here thanks to everything that you have available. It is simple and, as always, a lot of fun.

Mall World


Run your own boutique inside of Mall World. This is your personal fashion boutique that you can use to sell all of the best clothes. Not only that, but you can also dress up and play with the clothes yourself. It is plenty of fun for any fashion lover out there, whether you prefer to sell or to wear.

Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar1

Becoming a PopStar is now possible thanks to Virtual PopStar. You will make money, get fans, and have fun. Start by making your own avatar, which you can customize to your liking, and then working on building yourself up as the PopStar that you are. It is easy and plenty of fun.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer 7

Become a designer in Fashion Designer. You have people going to you for the best outfits, and you are going to make them. Choose everything about the outfit, make it look good, and make the clients happy. Happier clients will mean more success and more money for you, exactly what you want.

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