Games Like Kapilands

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Have you ever wanted to own and run your very own business? Now is your chance in Kapiworld. You will be able to invest time, money, and more. There are a lot of problems to be solved and this is one world that will keep you busy for hours on end as you make the largest business in the world.

My Fantastic Park

My Little Farmies4

If you happen to love amusement parks, then you are going to love My Fantastic Park. This great time management world will give you a chance to build your very own amusement park that will attract visitors, and earn you a lot of money so you can build things like roller coasters, thrill rides, and carousels.

My Sunny Resort

Beach resort in an island with swimming pool, cottages, hotels and other buildings.

It is time for you to have your own vacation spot in My Sunny Resort. You will be able to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, birds, sun and what all is around you. You will have to make your own resort, fill it with guests and then make it look the best.

Kapi Farm


Become the head honcho of your own farm in Kapi Farm. You will be able to do more than just plant crops. You will have to plant crops, harvest them, take care of business, and even sell your goods to people from all over the world. Do you have what it takes to be the best farm in the world?

Free Aqua Zoo

Free Aqua Zoo7

Free Aqua Zoo will give you a chance to catch fish that you will put in your own aquarium. You will have to work hard, keep it clean, decorate it, and so much more. Make sure that you feed your fish and keep them happy or they will cause a lot of issues for you.

My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies4

It is time to travel to medieval times and begin your very own farm. You will have to build and construct it from the ground up. You will have plants and animals as well as buildings that you will be responsible for. Do you have what it takes to make a great farm?

Kapi Regnum

Kapi Regnum12

In a world where knowledge and strategy are power, Kapi Regnum will give you a chance to do more than just understand a virtual economy. You will have work hard to create and sell goods. Your goods have to be of a good quality in order to sell it and make money. This is the best trading simulation available.

My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo11

You are a zoo director and you will need to begin with raising three different types of animals like sheep, pigs, and rabbits. As your zoo grows, you will be able to have lions, tigers, bears, pandas, kangaroos and many other types of zoo animals. Do you have what it takes to be the best?


A girl planting and a dragon flying nearby.

If you happen to enjoy fantasy worlds then you are going to love DreamFields. You will be able to sit back and relax as you build your dream world. You will be able to enjoy the 3D details and cute missions that you can complete in order to reveal mysteries.

Molehill Empire

Molehill Empire 12

Molehill Empire will give you a chance to explore what gardening really offers to farmers. You are going to have to work hard to build something that will make larger profits and be able to grow more plants than you can now. You will have to learn how to manage your own gardening empire.

Kapi Hospital

Kapi Hospital8

Kapi Hospital is all about running your very own clinic and it happens to be the maddest clinic around. You will have to work hard to treat crazy patients and work on expanding your clinic to being the best in the world. There is over 77 different illnesses that you will have to cure and plenty of emergency cases as well.

Garbage Garage

Garbage Garage11

You now have a chance to see what it would be like to own your very own scrap yard. You will have to do all of the activities to be able to grow your scrap yard. Do you think that you will have what it takes to make your junkyard the most unique in the whole world?

Future Torpia

Future Torpia7

Your world has been destroyed and it is up to you to rebuild it in the best futuristic place in the world. You will have to use your mind and complete all of the missions to be able to succeed and find other life. You will have to build a new city and have new creations.

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