Games Like 2020 My Country

Here is a list of games that are similar to 2020 My Country.

Cities in Motion 2

cities in motion

This is a virtual transit simulation and it lets you run a transportation network, providing transportation to many different cities. It offers multi-player option so you can share the fun with your friends. It has a feature that creates an amazing level of gameplay.



This is going to let you put be in charge of planning a city and you will be able to have buildings and homes constructed the way you want them to be. You’ll need to gain points from all the collection actions offered throughout the game, you’ll use them for creating all the constructed houses and buildings.

Cities XL Platinum

Cities XL 10

Welcome to a game of virtual building. It gives you the ability to design, construct, and to link constructed buildings together. As the city planner you will be able to have the buildings you want and make your city like you want it.

Big Business

Big Business2

In Big Business you will be the entrepreneur. You’ll make the goods and sell them. It’s up to you to see to it the people of the city stay happy. The gameplay focuses more on business and the production of the different things to sell. You have to come up with these things.

Be Richer

Be Richer9

Welcome to this virtual world of real estate building. One feature this offers you, is to let you have the ability to switch the environment, this will be done by building streets, buildings, and homes. You can even bulldoze one building down to build something else. It offers two different playing modes, the campaign mode and the free mode.



As a town builder full of fun and excitement you will be expanding, farming, growing producing and selling it for profit, and later on you can start up other businesses as well. You will begin with a plot of land to farm on. The profit earned from farming will let you begin the other businesses.

Airport City

Airport City10

This is socially interactive, with a virtual building theme. You are going to simulate a city that you will build in a circle going all the way around an airport. That means you also have to build the houses to keep the people that come and go on the airplanes, having businesses like stores and shopping centers.

Virtual City Playground

Virtual City 12

You will be building a city from the ground up in this fantastic building world. Not only will you be building it, but you will also be running the whole thing. It is intended to be socially interactive. You will also be in charge of getting products to sell and getting deliveries made on time.

My Virtual City


This is all about building up a virtual city from the ground up. It is up to you to build homes, factories, office buildings and more. Your main focus here is will be towards your success in creating a fantastic virtual city that is eco-friendly. My Virtual City is for your enjoyment.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070Welcome to Anno 2070, where the year is of course 2070 and the ocean has raised well above normal levels, destroying all the cities on the coast. It has caused a massive change in the climate and now many places are uninhabitable. You will be tossed in the mix and you will need strategy to survive!

Sim City

Sim City

Welcome to Sim City, the one and only world that’s totally full of simulation. That’s right, everything you find in this world is a simulation. Guess who is going to be in control, you are! You will be controlling the unemployment, city electric, taxes, water, pollution, education, and much more. Choose solo, playing a single city, or play up to 16 cities!

Rising Cities

Rising Cities

This is a construction building simulator. It’s going to take a lot of your time, hard work, and the correct choices as well as some strategic measures in your thinking. You’ll begin with a small area of land turning it into a large robust city. You are responsible for keeping things moving along smoothly.

Green City 2

Green City 2

Thinking about the future of Earth you are going to take charge and get everyone and everything living a life of green. You’ll be cleaning the city up and making sure everything is eco-friendly. It will be hard work to rebuild and convince people that eco-friendly is the way to go.

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