Games Like A Better World

Here is a list of games that are similar to A Better World.

Life Quest 2: Metropoville


Has life been tough for you? Does it seem like your days are simply limited to the amount of money you have? Welcome to the wonderful Life Quest 2, which may help give you some of the answers to life, or at least a fun way to pass your time when you’re bored of trying to figure it out!

Mall World

Mall World

If you are looking for a fun and exciting new game to play while you are hanging out on Facebook chatting with your friends, swing on over to Mall World where you will be able to impress all of your friends. You will be able to sell styles that are new, and even  dress your avatar the way you want.

Kudos 2

Kudos 2

Welcome to Kudos 2 where you will have a fun strategy gameplay mixed with life-simulation. This is what inspired SimSocial, it’s a turn based design which provides you the control over various elements such as the characters life, who they hang with and even what their career is going to be.

The Household


This is a game on Facebook that allows you to create your very own site, you will be able to tend to livestock and also grow crops that you will harvest. You will be able to start your very own family, even have kids and much more as you customize your avatar, take part in quests and get rewarded for things.



Do you enjoy creating fashion, how about having a great eye? If this sounds like you, then you will enjoy GalaStories as you interact with others in the social setting and take on more than 2,500 quests that are based around fashion. You will also be able to purchase cloths for your model.

Happy Family

Happy Family13

Happy Family is bringing you into a world where you will be able to have fun while hanging out with friends, and family from all over the world or make new friends as you visit your neighbors, take care of building things and developing your surroundings, even helping out with making the world a more beautiful place.

The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay2

Alright, if you have never played the Sims before, then the FreePlay version is a great way to start. You will be able to customize characters features, clothing, names, pretty much anything you could desire to change, and you can have up to 31 sims at once, all this and more for free!

Virtual Families

Virtual families

This is similar to Sims, but you will be controlling a family which has a 2 bedroom house. This house has an office, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, even a workshop and more. You will have many activities to keep you busy as you pass the time keeping your new family happy. You eventually adopt as well!

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