Cooking and Kitchen Games

Dream of becoming a chef and want to practice cooking in a virtual kitchen? Here’s a list of Cooking and Kitchen Games that you can play.

Happy Chef 2

Happy Chef 2

In this fun game you get to cook various dishes that are from all around the world!  Happy Chef 2 takes you on a journey as you start off as a chef with little experience.  As you travel the world you gain more experience and become a famous chef!

Restaurant Empire


In Restaurant Empire you get to build, design, and manage your own restaurant and have nothing when you start off.  You have to use your money and your love of food to build your restaurant from the bottom up. By learning new tricks and recipes you can keep you customers coming back.

Youda Sushi Chef

Youda Sushi

If you love sushi and have always wanted to be a sushi chef then Youda Sushi Chef is just the game for you.  You get to build your own sushi restaurant and become a sushi expert.  As you get more experience you can upgrade you restaurant.  You also learn new cooking tricks and recipes that will keep your customers happy.

Kitchen Scramble

Kitchen Scramble

In kitchen scramble you are the new chef and have your own food truck.  Now you have to start cooking up delicious foods that will bring customers to your food truck so that you can travel the world and learn how to cook new dishes.

Kitchen Brigade

Kitchen Brigade

In this fun cooking game you have been selected to be a contestant on the Kitchen Brigade a competitive cooking show!  With this game you must open and manage several different restaurants and you only have 66 days to do it!  The pressure is on but the fun has just begun!

Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma's Kitchen!

Grandma’s Kitchen is the best place to learn how to cook and bake your favorite dishes.  This game is very fun and allows for you to not only have fun cooking but also learning as you use words to bake fun dishes and learn about healthy snacks and different desserts.

Top Chef

Top ChefThis game based on the Top Chef show has you joining in on the cooking competition.  You will love the Top Chef Game as it is fast paced and very competitive.  You have to be on top of your game and manage your time well or you will find yourself being eliminated from the competition.

Go-Go Gourmet

Go-Go Gourmet

Go-Go Gourmet is not like all the other cooking games as it is a hidden object and time management game.  You will absolutely love it if you love cooking and hidden object games as it combines all of those things.  You must find the ingredients in a messy kitchen before time runs out!

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

In this crazy and fun sim cooking game you have full control over you character.  With Cook, Serve, Delicious! Extra Crispy you must take the old broken down restaurant and make it into something fantastic.  You have to do all of this with only a little bit of money and hardly any staff.

Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-off

Hot Dish 2

Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook Off is a fast paced and fun game where you master several different types of cuisines in an effort to win the Gourmet Grand Prix!  This is not just a cooking game but also a Time Management one that makes it very fun and challenging.

Funny Pizza

Funny Pizza13

You get to play the role of a manager at a pizza joint an a chef. You will be trying to increase business by fixing various foods besides the pizza. Once business picks up you can hire more help, and have enough money to keep replacing the stuff needed to cook with.

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