Virtual Thanksgiving Celebrations Around the Internet! And More!

US teens around the web are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, and while spending time with family is what this particular holiday is all about (consuming large quantities of pie is a close second) celebrating with your virtual buddies is also a good idea. Today, we’ll share a few Thanksgiving celebrations happening in some of your favorite worlds, although check the blog and forums for your specific virtual hangout spot so you don’t miss any festivities in your favorite worlds. And of course, even if Thanksgiving isn’t your thing, you’re still more than welcome to celebrate virtually with your friends!

If that wasn’t enough, we also have a free Hunger Games download for you to check out!

Secret Worlds Holiday Celebration

the secret world

Starting Thanksgiving Day (November 28th) and running until Monday (December 2nd), Secret World is offering double ability points as well as a free month’s membership for every friend you recruit to buy the game. In addition to this, you can earn 30% bonuses on every purchase you make at Funcom. Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete in Secret World without the Gilded Rage event. Find the roaming piñata and buy a golden tux at a steep 90% discount!

Smeet Holiday Celebrations

Celebrate with your Smeet family and friends with fall-themed decorations! Grow your own turkey (yup, you get to grow one – how cool!), buy a special Thanksgiving room bundle and enjoy time with your virtual friends at the Smeet dinner table!

Second Life Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

Depending on where you hang out in Second Life, there are Thanksgiving events galore. So why not get dressed up and prepped for the big day? Second Life marketplace has a huge amount of festive outfits on sale, as well as appetizers, meals and other dishes for you to throw your own get together or bring along to a virtual friend’s potluck style event.

Small Worlds Thanksgiving

sw thanksgiving

Small Worlds is getting in on the holiday spirit, with a wide array of seasonal items on sale in the shop catalog just until December 2nd. Buy top hats, headdresses, pilgrim hats, and an adorable little turkey!

JumpStart Thanksgiving!

There’s a lot going on this year! Check out the Down Town area and watch the Mayflower voyage to Plymouth! Of course, there’s also a turkey chasing game in the FunZone that you should definitely get in on. Wander over to Central Park and enjoy the Thanksgiving harvest with Garden Defense. Drive away the bugs, earn coins and take satisfaction in knowing that you helped ensure a happy and plentiful harvest. Of course, the action is definitely on Main Street. The infamous Shipwreck Lagoon has been temporarily repositioned here, so make sure you take part in the race!

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Panem Run

Just upfront – this game is available for iOS and Android, so no matter which smartphone you have glued to your hand, you won’t miss out on this!

Lionsgate and Reliance Games have released a Hunger Games themed endless runner for smartphones and tablets. It’s kind of like Temple Run but, in true Hunger Games form, there are plenty more power-ups, amazing challenges, and simple ways to use built-in social elements with your existing social media accounts.

panem run

Panem Run starts by allowing you to choose a male or female character. From there, Tracker Jackers begin to chase you. As you run, you’ll face obstacles and engage in challenges such as creating diversions and target practice. You can log into Facebook and play against friends, and work with others in your district to earn the most “sparks.”

Technically, the game is free. However, you need to pay 50 coins every time you want to start the game from where you left off last time, 250 to buy an upgrade for your next run, and other charges. However, you start off with 1,000 coins and you can accumulate them as you play. But of course, they’re also for sale. All in all, it’s a fun game mirrored after one of the hottest movies of the year. Check it out!

And that wraps it up for the month of November! Let us know in the comments below where you plan to spend your real-life and virtual Thanksgiving this year! Are you having a celebration in Second Life or planning to deck out your Smeet space in fall-inspired décor? As you’re recovering from mass quantities of food and plenty of shopping (or present hinting to your parents), download the Hunger Games run and let us know what you think about that as well. See you in December!

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