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The free online social network, IMVU is a virtual world where you can create a 3D avatar to use while interacting in the world chatting with new people and having fun playing games. In addition, they have a shop you can visit to buy items you can use to dress your avatar in to create a unique, personalized look. Additionally, you can find items to decorate your 3D room and make new friends from all over the world.


Game Features

IMVU has been a major hit with over 50 million users registered, 10 million unique visitors per month, and annualized revenue of over $40 million. So, don’t miss out on this fun and exciting 3D game where you will have fun socializing in one of many animated rooms. With thousands of new people signing up each day, you will literally never run out of new people to chat with.

You will begin by creating your very own custom avatar and personalizing it with a large selection of cloths and other accessories. You will then be able to decorate your room and also look at those designed by other users from all over the world. Once your space is decorated you can invite your friends or other members over to see your room or even host an exciting party. While IMVU is one large community, it has remained chiefly a virtual chat room. Just keep in mind that this is not really a video game, it is more like a fun social experience.


The great thing is that you can put a personal touch on your avatar by shopping and dressing it with the coolest clothes as you can shop from a catalog that features over 6 million items. You can try on anything you wish and they carry things such as hairstyles, clothes, accessories, shoes, and much more.

If you are creative and wish to share it with the community you can create your very own 2D and 3D designs which you can sell directly from IMVU’s catalog. For example, you can create rooms, furniture, fashion, and more. If you do well enough you can become a star designer and include your creations free of charge in the catalog.


For more screenshots, click here.

Guests and Virtual Catalog

IMVU is free to sign up and play. However, you are labeled as a “guest” so long as you are not a paid member. Guests are restricted from accessing the portion of the game where you can create content, but are able to freely survey chat rooms to meet new people. In addition, free users can also watch videos and listen to music via the IMVU media client.

IMVU currently has the world’s most comprehensive catalog of goods that has over six million items and approximately 7,000 new ones are added daily. In the virtual catalog you can find items such as 2D stickers and other 3D items like cars, clothing, hair, jewelry, and other cool items that will help you personalize your avatar.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: IMVU on YouTube.

IMVU is free to play.

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  • braylon

    well it wont let me play i am i am 16

  • braylon

    well it wont let me play i am i am 16

  • braylon

    well it wont let me play i am i am 16

    • Paulina

      Braylon, IMVu allows anyone over 13 to register and play. The chat rooms are not immediately available, because you have to first dressup your avatar and gain some points. After that, you are good to join the world!

  • boone

    it’s cool



    • kailee

      :) i think i have a twin

  • rucha

    do u have to download it

    • nauricon

      yeah,but has no virus and also free

    • gamer_3D

      Yes, you will have to download this one. ^.^

  • Jigisha

    ugh why is it necessary to download these virtual games i just want a better game in which i can play without downloading it

  • Gina

    You can be 13 now.

  • shaniece desiree cov


  • Samantha

    Hi This is Samantha. Can I know how to install IMVU properly? Because I tried throught this thrice and it crashed. Please suggest something as I’m dying to play this exciting game! Thanks.. ;)

    • gamer_3D

      Hi Samantha. You can check their forum convo on how to resolve it here (read the suggestions from Qwerty) – and see if this video can also help you.

    • gamer_3D

      Hi Samantha. You can check their forum convo on how to resolve it here (read the suggestions from Qwerty) –

  • goddess

    i might sign up for imvu i think that is going to be a good social network website i saw the video and i think that it is pretty good.

  • niki

    can you make imvu with out downloading it i cant it wont work please

    • Kelsy

      i totally wish!!

  • kaileeme

    i know wut u r saying but i still like imvu

  • Caitlin

    IMVU gives viruses that can kill your computer. I know several people who’ve suffered from IMVU viruses, including myself.

  • smith

    It should not be so innapropriate and for 10 year olds

  • Yaya

    Ok, I`m 12.Can I play this game? It looks really cool!

    • gamer_3D

      You will need to be over 13 to register.

      • xX/!BionicMuffins!Xx

        im 10! but im a tween…besides the birth part of this game it should be for people my age im very mature :3

  • x3CutieGirlx3

    add me on IMVU my name is x3CutieGirlx3

  • ☼Sheniceeee♥

    Tha Best 3D Game Eva!

  • ☼Sheniceeee♥

    Imvu picturez Awesome huh!

    • Eeryonya

      nice pic

  • Mia

    i Agree!

  • sierra

    can you have kids in this game

    • gamer_3D

      Yes, you can.

  • Shawna Washington

    who wants to chat with me

  • Eeryonya

    im Eeryonya can you have kids on this

    • gamer_3D

      You can role play. Go to catalog and buy different stages of pregnancy bump, role play the act of child birth, then go back to catalog to purchase baby Items.

  • Eeryonya

    look at mine guys

    i have club cooee well i use to

  • Eeryonya

    look tis pic is old

  • Eeryonya


  • Eeryonya

    how do you have kids?

    • gamer_3D

      See response above.

  • Eeryonya

    Hi my name is Eeryonya

  • NarniasQueen

    i searched for some u dont have to download and i already have this game but deleted it because it was taking up my storage so i have to get a gaming laptop for it becuz it has more storage xD

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