Games Like Club Penguin

club penguin

Here is a list of games that are similar to Club Penguin.

Animal Jam


Create your own personal animal character and adopt your own pet in the vibrant and colorful world of Animal Jam. Here you can communicate and befriend other players, all while playing games, watching videos, and customizing your animal and space. This game provides a non-stop source of fun and activities.

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Learn how to appreciate and conserve our environment in this game, where you play as a monkey living in the world as Minion. This game is interactive and allows for many different customizations, such as for your monkey character. It is also educational and suitable for younger players.

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Petpet Park

Petpet Park

Pet Pet Park is a fun game in which you can have your own personalized little pet. Customize your Pet Pet’s appearance, and play games in the Pet Pets world. Make friends and compare Pet Pets as well. This game is suitable for young children and older children alike.

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Bin Weevils


Bin Weevils is an online virtual world in which there are many fun activities to do. Take care of your Bin Weevil and keep it happy, along with enjoying the many different things there are to do in the Bin Weevil’s world. Make sure your Weevil is in the best condition and keep it happy.

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If you think dinosaurs are cool, then this is the game for you. Play as your own dinosaur in this real time virtual world. Customize your dinosaur, play games, make friends, and even engage in battles with your Webosaurs. There is mild violence in this game but suitable for children.

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Oloko is a colorful and adventurous game in which there is a lot to do. Choose the animal of your choose and begin to create the world you desire. Everything in your very own world is customizable and you can create it to look just how you want it.

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In Chimpoo create your own customizable Chimp and explore the many things the world has to offer. You can chat with other players, dress up your Chimpoo, play games, and build customizable houses. There will never be a dull day playing the fun game of Chimpoo.

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Franktown Rocks


This is a fun, age appropriate and entertaining MMORPG that young kids can enjoy. This game combines fun, education and music into one massive online world. Not only will kids have fun playing this game, but they can learn something as well. Parents need not be concerned.

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Moshi Monsters

moshi1In this exciting and colorful game you can create and care for your own customized monster. It features games, chat, and customization options for your Moshi monster. You can adopt up to six monsters, which you can keep in your home. Play games and make new friends while caring for your monsters.

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Toontown Online


This game plays just like an RPG, but with interactivity and the option to create your own character. This is game is presented by Disney so young players can play a game that features their favorite characters. It is safe for all ages, so parents can feel fine with their kids playing.

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  • dude

    hate these games

    • Muhammad Nausherwan

      get lost animal jam is an awesome game and is mentioned here too u should hate urself for not liking animal jam

    • lily

      DUDE :p

    • GemStoneCat

      AJ ROCKS!!! I CANT BELEIVE U HATE AJ!!!! AJ IS A GREAT GAME!!! (If anybody wanna buddy me my user is cutegirl43337)

  • nvnbmggm

    me too

  • Ethan

    Why do you leave out Roblox D:


    i like wizard 101 THE BEST ITS AWSOME

  • justicenipnop

    i like poking my dogs poo

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