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Design your own home in Design Home. You get everything that you need to design a beautiful home, whatever you preferred design tastes are. With the high quality graphics and real items, you can make… Read More »

Live life in the entertainment industry in Backstage Pass. You are going to have to make a living for yourself, manage the stresses of everyday life, find romance, and succeed. With numerous potential endings, you… Read More »

Have you ever dreamed about building your very own country?  One that will not only run the way you want it to but also have the look you want too.  Well you can make this… Read More »

Darkness has taken over the Disney park and characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms. Maleficent has cast a spell that brings darkness to all areas of the park, and it is on you to lift it…. Read More »

High School Story gives you the chance to live high school the way you want to live it. Whether you want to be the nerd ruling the science fair or the jock that wins the… Read More »

Magic and fairy tales come to life in Cinderella Story. Your character is going to live in this magical and wonderful world, completing tasks and leveling up. With so much power at your hands, and… Read More »

Become a hero and defeat evil in Hero Zero. One of the biggest MMO games out there, this gives you the chance to save the world and take out baddies every day. Create your own… Read More »

Fans of the Penguins of Madagascar series will want to play World of Madagascar. Set in the same universe, with the same penguins that you know and love, you are going to help them rescue… Read More »

Most people know Lego. Maybe you grew up with them or you know people who did, but you know them. These days, the potential with Lego is incredible and unimaginable – to the point that… Read More »

Play as a mage and save the world from darkness in Magic & Mythies. The world is at risk and it is up to you, and the other mages at the League of Mages, to… Read More »

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