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Here is a list of games that are similar to Shidonni.

Pocoyo World


This is a fun game for younger kids to play. Since it is targeting younger audiences, signing up and playing is easy. You can start right away, as long as you have parental consent, and you can enjoy every moment. Create your own avatar, play games, watch videos, and do so much more.

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Clay Piggy

Clay Piggy

Get ready to play Clay Piggy. If you like money or learning about money, then this is the one for you. You will be able to learn as you stay interested in playing, things from the rocks, earth and even little cracks may have a clue it in about what happened here millions of years ago.

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poptropica12 (1)

From jumping to exploring to questing, Poptropica has it all. You start by making your own cartoon avatar and then continue by exploring the world. There are many places to go and many things to do in this game so boredom will not be an issue. This game is even educational to make every moment count.

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This is a fun environment that is not only going to keep you busy as you journey through 10 missions, it will also increase your English skills and your vocabulary as well. You will even have thousands of audio files to listen to and 130 various game activities to go through, talk about a lot to do.

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FrankTown Rocks


Most online games are about dealing with monsters. In FrankTown Rocks, however, you are going to be dealing with music. Whether you are making it or listening to it, you are going to be able to have fun and create something extraordinary. There are also games, other players, videos, and more available.

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