New Microsoft Shows, SimCity Charity, and Virtual Reality Goodies

We’re focusing on technology today: a potential new way to watch original programming via your console, the softer side of well-known Sims creator EA, and the latest in virtual reality gizmos.

Microsoft Television?

We’ll always have a soft-spot for Microsoft, yet for the last few years they’ve been faltering a bit in the face of the ingenuity behind Apple. Yet it seems that they’re actively working to come up with original ideas for revamping their PC image, and the latest is developing original programing to go with the Xbox One. Stepping the console outside of games, this idea for an Xbox One TV is set to rival current original programming offered by Hulu and Netflix. Word on the street (and via the lips of higher-ups at Microsoft) is that these programs will be unrelated to games, although they’re also looking into developing programs that could be interactive with their current console-game lineup.

micosoft tv

As of today, the only shows announced are the Halo and Quantum Break offerings, but we’re excited to see what else they’re working out!

EA Goes Philanthropic With a New DLC For SimCity

EA has added a Red Cross download to its latest SimCity, vowing to donate at least 80% of the money it makes off of the new feature directly to the Red Cross itself. SimCity is charging $9.99 for this addition; once purchased, players can make use of in-game relief tents to take care of sick or hurt Sims after a natural disaster. Each tent fixes 10 Sims and the download is integrated to work seamlessly with the already in-game rescue units. In addition to the tents, the Red Cross DLC also provides vehicles that travel around helping sick and hurt Sims.

While EA is promising at least 80% of the proceeds, they’ve set a minimum donation of $100,000 within the year that the feature is available.

Does Oculus Rift Have Some Competition?

In short, yes. And that’s a good thing. Oculus Rift has done what developers have been trying to do for the last decade: breathe new life into the world of virtual reality. It was only a matter of time before other companies, even bigger companies, decided to take a stab at the whole thing.

The biggest news on potential competition to date is the fact that Sony is working on developing its very own set of virtual reality goggles, and plans to display the device at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, starting September 19th. At least that’s what the rumors say; the device was supposed to be unveiled a few months ago at another game show, but it was pulled at the last minute. That could very well happen again.


The fact that Sony already has an incredibly well established console in its repertoire makes this idea even more exciting: imagine a virtual reality headset made just for your PlayStation!?!

Here’s hoping the rumors are true!

However, that’s not the only development in the world of virtual reality: outside of potential competition for the well-respected Oculus Rift, there are also collaborative developments in the works.

YEI Technology has recently put up a Kickstarter to fund the PrioVR, small sensors that can monitor your movement and transmit that information to the game you’re playing, working hand-in-hand with the new Oculus Rift. The device makes it possible for your on-screen avatar to move with you. There’s a little over a month to go for the Kickstarter, and as of posting, they’ve raised over $21,000 so far. You can currently get the initial kit for a $450 investment via Kickstarter.

Infinity Blade 3 Is Finally Here!

Taking advantage of the latest gamer’s-dream technology built in to the newest iPhone 5s, Infinity Blade 3 completes the well-loved, world-renowned trilogy. Available for the iPhone 4 and up, as well as the iPod Touch 5 and the iPad, this game allows you to control either Siris or Isa, each of which has a unique style of fighting as well as a wide arrange of weapons to collect.

infinity blade III

Priced at only $6.99, the download comes complete with a fantastic animated short, titled Infinity Blade Origins.

Don’t miss out on this release!

Happy Wednesday!

What do you think about the latest developments in the world of virtual reality? Are you going to play the newest, and last, Infinity Blade 3? Have any ideas as to what kind of programming Microsoft should offer through the Xbox One?

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