MMORPG Games for Girls

Here is a list of Multiplayer Role Playing Games that can be fun and enjoyed by girls.

Hello Kitty Online

Hello Kitty OnlineHello Kitty Online is perfect for Hello Kitty fans and a younger audience. Rather than fighting, which would not work with the theme, you are going to collect resources and craft. Use your creativity and smarts to get everything together, create what you need, and move through the wonderful little story.

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Eden Enternal

Eden Eternal12

Eden Eternal makes in game combat more exciting and strategy driven than ever before. You are going to be using multiple class systems, you are going to need to figure out what you are going to do, and you are going to need to improve your skills with fighting if you plan to succeed.

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Lucent Heart

Lucent Heart

Welcome to this beautiful enchanted world of magic, it offers some amazing adventures. It is up to you if you’d prefer to journey about the magical world discovering ancient treasures, or you can choose to dance the nights away. Who you choose for your character can change the rest of the gameplay, so choose wisely.

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Starlight Story

Starlight Story

Starlight Story sets you on a path of wonder, adventure, and excitement. The anime style art in this RPG and the many things that make this game exciting, like choices that affect the outcome of the story, will keep you hooked from the moment that you begin to play it.

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Legends of Oz World

Legends of Oz World11

In Legends of Oz World, you are going to be traveling through Oz and meeting some very familiar faces. Everyone that you loved from the movie is going to be there and you will be able to see them all. Complete quests and puzzles to progress through the game and make it home.

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Crazy Fairies

Crazy Fairies18

Using some of your favorite fairy tale characters, you will be able to battle against other players in the exciting game Crazy Fairies. Choose a place to battle, choose your favorite character, and begin showing other players just how powerful you can be.

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Disney Universe

Disney Universe5

Battling alongside your favorite Disney characters is possible in Disney Universe. Wear outfits of the characters that you like the most and then go defeat the evil awaiting you. Play along with your friends to make it more exciting and adventurous or play on your own for a real challenge.

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Fiesta Online


Collect animals, customize your character, battle, and meet new friends every day on Fiesta Online. Anyone who enjoys a good RPG game will adore this and will never want to stop playing. There are so many activities that you might find it easy to continue playing for a long time.

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poptropica friends9

Poptropica is an educational and highly entertaining game that is sure to have you addicted in minutes. After your character has been created, go explore and complete quests. Improve the lives of each NPC and help them to do all of the tasks that they need to do in order to grow and be better.

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Amazing World

Amazing World 12

While in Spring Bay you will find plenty of quests to complete and many different activities to have fun with. But you want be having fun for long if you don’t stop the Nix Queen, Vexa from suing her minions to destroy the land. She has sent them out to eat everything in sight.

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milmo 6

MilMo is a game of adventure, collecting, and creation as you meet new people and experience new things. When you have customized your own character, you will be able to travel around and pick up items. Collect, create, and connect along with many other players in this large, exciting world.

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Mystical Land

Mystical Land

When you play Mystical Island, you will be able to complete quests and go on adventures that are nothing like what you are used to in games. This is a completely unique experience that is going to keep you entertained and having fun while you develop your character’s various skills.

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Gaia Online


Most likely, you have heard of Gaia Online in the past. Its popularity is partly because of the immense customization system. The avatar that you create will be entirely unique and you. You will be able to use it as you explore this massive world and meet many new players.

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A Game of Dwarves

A Game of Dwarves11

In order to get your old country back, you are going to need to journey through the continent. In A Game of Dwarves, there is a lot of exploring and excitement everywhere that you turn. With changing levels that keep it interesting, this game is going to keep you guessing.

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This brings you a higher level of entertainment and excitement, it gives you music to dance too, which is what it is mainly focus on here, dancing. You will keep your eyes peeled for a companion, someone that is compatible and will be able to dance together as a couple.

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