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Here is a list of games that are similar to Transformice.

Animal Jam


This game lets you have a virtual life through the experiences of the pet you are going to be adopting. It all takes place in the world of Jamaa where you are going to find more animals than you have ever saw before, such as: koalas, monkeys, rabbits, tiger, wolves, and panda bears.

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Star Stable

Star Stable10

After signing up you are going to need a character, which you get to create this yourself. Next, you will also create your virtual horse. This is a very large world that has been designed in 3D, and you and your virtual horse will be together throughout your journey here.

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Created to help young ones between 5 and 15 years of age learn more of the English language, it acts as a narrative universe. There will be flamingos following you around in town, which only talk to you in English, with each of them having personalities of the own. Translated from 32 different languages.

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Kingdom Island

Kingdom Island12

You are going to take on the role as a small dragon that is humanlike. Best thing about this is you still get to wear clothes. It lets you earn silver by completing different games throughout. There is much here to be explored and plenty of new people to meet.

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Bin Weevils

Binweevils4 (1)

Here you will be offered a variety of different games to play throughout your journey. You get a personalized weevil that will hang out with you and you will have to direct your weevil in the bins, the best one will be the one where your weevil eats mulch.

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School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 3

First you will be choosing your dragon from a variety of different ones offered. Then you and your dragon will complete many different quests together. It will be your responsibility to keep your dragon happy and not to let it get hungry. You have to keep on your toes and always be playing with your dragon, feeding your dragon fish, and petting it.

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FrankTown Rocks

FrankTown Rocks

Welcome to a virtual world of a massive multiplayer online which was created for kids of all ages. It allows you to stroll about the city and make new friends, play a variety of games, listen to various types of music, watch videos, and even make your own music.

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Moshi Monsters


You can enjoy learning with the Moshi Monsters game which was designed with kids of any age to be able to learn while they play. It also includes many different puzzles and quizzes that need to be solved. It’s the newest approach for kids to learn by and can do so while having fun and enjoying themselves.

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Brave Little Beasties

Brave Little Beasties12

You will go through this adventure collecting the little monsters, and some will not be so easy to catch. It is important that you always care for your little monsters, keeping them happy and making sure they get enough to eat, if not they will get sick. If they do get sick you will know by the color of their fur.

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