Games Like The Sims Social

Here is a list of games that are similar to The Sims Social.

Virtual Families

virtualfamilies7Virtual Families requires you to adopt a character and then create an entire family. The type of family also depends on you such as single parents, traditional family, joint family, and so on. The personality of your character will also depend on your preferences.


imvu6This very popular game has everything you could ask for right from the classic chat option to amazing quests. You even have activities and games to engage in. This is indeed a complete package.


sociotown7With attractive graphics and features, this virtual world is sure to interest you. It has a great chat option along with various activities to choose from. You can also pass time by relaxing when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Virtual villagers

Virtual Villagers5Virtual Families is a fun virtual world with five different series. Each series requires you to carry out a few tasks and complete a mission. Once you are done, you will advance to the next level. Throughout you will work with villagers to civilize them and create a great village! The tasks are fun and entertaining.

Second life


Second Life is a fun game that lets you live in a whole new parallel world complete with fashion shows, games, performances, and much more. You don’t need to listen to your parents and live by their rules here!

Our world


Our World game lets you explore your wishes and desires when it comes to building the perfect condo for you to live in! Plus, you get to chat with other people and make new friends. The virtual world also provides various games for you to play.



In this chat simulation you will be able to change the appearance of your character so it looks the way you would like it to, maybe you want to make a double of yourself in a virtual world and meet new people? Now you can do just that! What type of look will you go with?



Woozworld is a virtual world full to the brim with activities. It has plenty of fun options too such as dressing up as and how you wish and even creating your own designs if you wish to. The best thing about this world is that safety is given priority at all times.

Life quest 2: metropoville


This virtual world is all about getting strategic. It gives you a list of activities for you to carry out in limited time. These activities will help you lead the perfect life but beware, time is not on your side here!

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