Games Like Super Secret

Here is a list of games that are similar to Super Secret.

Our world


Our World Game is named aptly because it gives you the feel of owning the entire world. You are free to do whatever you want here including selecting your own condo without your parents telling you off! You have plenty of games to play here and plenty of other players to chat with and make friends.

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onverse6Onverse has plenty of activities and the best thing is that it does not focus only on one interest of kids. Different activities will interest different kids and thus, every kid has something for him/her here including dancing!

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smeet8Smeet is an entertaining and exciting virtual world. Right from watching videos to playing games to making new friends and engaging in activities with them, this game has it all for you!

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meezMeez is a virtual world that has a very real feel to it. It even has neighborhoods for you to pick from. Once you settle down in a neighborhood that you like, you are free to explore and make new friends.

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imvu3IMVU is very popular among kids because it offers so much. Whether it is games you are looking for or making friends, whether it is quests that you love or just relaxing and being on your own, this game has it all for you.

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Second life

SecondLife12Second Life is a game that brings your imagination to reality. Surely you imagine a parallel world that allows you to attend fashion shows and performances, and lets you play games and make new friends. Enter this world and live that parallel world!

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Chit Chat City

chitchatcity11Chit Chat City is a virtual world that allows you to imagine and get creative. You get to create your avatar and your apartment here. You don’t need to choose! After that, you are free to chat with the other players. The best part is that you can even convert your house into a shop!

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Get ready to have a blast as you invite your friends and chat with new people while you are customizing your Woozen and Unitz with all the different items available. You will even get to explore the Nationz such as Colony V and Lib Street, what are you waiting for?

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Club Cooee

clubcooee6Club Cooee is a flexible game in that you are free to do whatever you want. When you are bored, you can relax and be on your own. Otherwise, you can chat with the other players and have some fun. The virtual world will even suggest great topics to discuss about. Socialize to your heart’s content.

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sociotown4Sociotown is a fun, social virtual world that lets you make new friends and also engage in numerous different activities. Thus, if you are bored and want to have some fun, you should check this world out. Even the graphics are attractive and engaging.

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  • Cieling Fantomhive

    Hehe imvu well… However much it may be fun it can kinda be inapropriate for some people.. There is a lot of people who (excuse my phrasing) want to put the bolt into the nut… Or people who are actually wanting a relationship..

    • Tsukiko Mei

      i love your user name xD

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Our World

Virtual world, full of gaming lounges where you can walk around making new friends, interacting and playing mini games.

Club Cooee

Explore, Chat, Dance - this virtual world is sooo much fun! Dress up your 3D Avatar. Create and decorate your 3D chat rooms. Play games. Join in!


Romance, relationships, chat and very interesting places to see! This will be your favorite virtual world, forever and always. Try and see.

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