Games Like Foopets

Here is a list of games that are similar to Foopets.


dogzer12Dogzer is for all the dog lovers out there! Choose a dog from the numerous options available and adopt him. Live your dream of adopting a pet and taking care of him. What’s more, you can also enroll him in dog shows and have loads of fun!

Pet City

petcity1Pet City is a highly rewarding game. You start off with choosing your favorite pet. After that, you do everything you can to take care of him/her. Whatever you do, you will be rewarded here. There are plenty of minigames to keep you engaged, too.

Animal jam

animaljam5Enter the world of Jamaa and have lots of fun with various animals such as panda bears, rabbits, tigers, wolves, etc. Decorate your den and play loads of minigames. The virtual world has seven environments to keep you hooked.


sporeEver thought of looking at life from a new perspective all together? Wonder how it’d be to be a single celled organism? Enter the world of Spore and experience all of it! Live as a simple microorganism and pass different tests to evolve. In your final level you will be super evolved, ready to take over the universe!

Mondo Zoo

mondozoo12Mondo Zoo is for those who love animals. Your job is to take good care of the animals at the zoo and improve your reputation. There are three areas to take care of: The Savvanah, the Jungle, and the Farm.


howrse6Love horses? Want a chance to ride them and even breed them? Here’s your chance! Howrse is a fun game revolving around horses. Choose your own horse and start exploring with the help of a monkey. The virtual world also has safe chat options.

The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets11

Are you ready to throw some fur into your Sims 3 game? Sims 3 Pets will allow you to create custom pets, give them awesome personalities, and even care for them. You can make them guard dogs, hyper kittens, prize winning horses, or imperfect snugglers who seems to melt your heart.

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