Games Like Sorority Life

Here is a list of games that are similar to Sorority Life.

Doll and The City


Doll and the City is much more than just another fashion game. While you can customize your avatar in numerous ways, you can also get a job and earn in game currency. There is a lot for you to do here while exploring and taking advantage of the many exciting features.

Movie Star Planet


Welcome to the game that lets you play the role of a movie star. You will want to look your best so pick out different clothes for your avatar, and also some different kinds of makeup, and accessories. Don’t forget to complete the mini games to collect more gold coins.



Play with fashion in new and exciting ways with Stardoll. Using your imagination and creativity, you can create almost anything to wear. This will give you the chance to have the outfit of your dreams, and to create more and more afterwards. No matter your style, you can enjoy this game.

Lady Popular

ladypopular 9

Lady Wonder is full of possibilities for everyone. The biggest part of this game is the detailed customization of your avatar. You are going to be able to create the avatar that suits you the most, and in ways that are simply not possible in most other fashion games out there.

Oh My Dollz


Oh My Dollz is going to give you the chance to create your perfect doll. Using the items that are available to you, unleash your creativity and turn them into something beautiful. You are going to love every part of this game, especially anyone who adores fashion and everything about it.

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