Games Like Monster Pet Shop

Here is a list of games that are similar to Monster Pet Shop.

Animal Jam


Animal Jam lets you experience a wonderful world that is full of color. The features have a lot to offer you. One of those is that you will journey through this world seeing everything through your pets eyes, yeah, different, and so much fun. You can visit with all the animals when you go to Jamaa.

The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets2

Now Sims has brought you a game that allows you to choose what you want your pet to look like, what kind of pet you want and you also get to give it a personality. The main focus her is to adopt pets. These pets may not be perfect in every way, but either way you get to take them with you to embark on adventures.



Foopets is great for those who cannot have a real pet at home. So, before getting to far ahead of yourself go ahead and pick out the pet you have been wanting, it can be either a cat or a dog. It can be a cat or a dog, do you want it to be a girl or boy.

School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 3

You will meet actors that was in the movie. You also get to experience some of the same things you seen happen in the movie. You have plenty of quests to complete as your journey continues, and traveling throughout this world with your dragon, by the way, this is the same world they used for the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.



You get to experience breeding a variety of animals and have fun doing other things while increasing the animal population. It offers various activities throughout, such as baking, decorating, evolving, collecting, creating, and more. You will be there with them as they evolve throughout the different stages in their life.



There is so much for you to do in this exciting universe. You’ll be creating Boonies to care for and they will help you in battles. Work on building a family, spend time with your Boonies changing their clothes, feeding, and personal hygiene. You can upgrade them anytime you want to.

Moshi Monsters


This is a new way for you to learn and also enjoy the process. Created for children of all ages to have fun with, it offers many different quizzes for you to challenge yourself and plenty of puzzles to give you hours of fun. The quicker you do them the quicker you are going to level up!

Dino Tales


This has you entering as a baby dinosaur and from there you’ll be meeting many other dinosaurs, and exploring fossils and plants. Throughout your journey you will learn more of this wonderful world and how it existed in way back in history. It makes learning fun for anyone.



Everything in this virtual world is centered around horses, and the object of this one is to breed horses. You will start out by creating your own horse, after wards things begin to get more interesting, fairly easy to catch on to. It provides you with a tutorial just to get you off to a good start.


Wauies 10

This is where you are going to be challenging yourself to see how much you can tolerate. You will have to run a shop full of puppies and kittens, and that means all the responsibilities that go along with it. You are going to be busy with running the pet shop, taking care of all the animals.

Happy Pets


You are going to have a pet of your very own while you are here. Do you already know all the things you have to be responsible for when you own a pet? It will let you experience having a pet and you will learn the things involved when you have to do to care for your pet.

Bin Weevils

Binweevils7You are going to have yourself a weevil to play different games with throughout your adventure in this world. You will have to escort your weevil into the Bin, where you can earn mulch. Mulch is what you will need in order to purchase things while on this journey with your Bin Weevil.

Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets1

If you like animals, then this is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all about the animals in this world, and training them. There will not be any surprises with flying animals swooping down on you as there are none in this game. But, it does have many types offered, it was designed without the aggravating ones.

Star Stable

Star Stable

Once upon a time a long time ago a star came down from the sky and fell on a rock in the middle of the ocean, and the star turned that rock into a lovely girl which also created a horse at the same time for her to ride. This girl rode her horse across the top of the water until coming to an island.

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