Games Like Kaneva

Here is a list of games that are similar to Kaneva.

Second life

SecondLife12Ever wanted to life another life very differently from your current life? Ever wanted to live your way? Here is your chance! Enter Second Life and live how you wanted to with freedom and of course, without your parents badgering you to listen to them all the time!


imvu5IMVU has a large player base thanks to the fact that it is very engaging. Right from quests to gaems to chatting, this virtual world has it all for you. Don’t feel like doing anything? Explore! Even that is an option here!

Active Worlds

activeworlds2Active Worlds is an extremely safe world in that rude behavior is immediately terminated. The game is all about imagination. Create artwork and your own world in this game based on your preferences! You also have many games to play and chat options to make new friends.

Club Cooee


If being in a social 3D chatroom setup with many themes and topics to choose from doesn’t sound interesting enough, how about being able to create your own music? You’ll be able to create music in the DJ room which will keep you busy for hours. Get started now to make new friends.



If you’re looking or something where you can make new friends from all over the world and even invite your current friends for a little hang and chat time, then Smeet is what you are looking for. Get ready for all kinds of fun while watching videos that are updated all the time.

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