Games Like Rescue Pets

Here is a list of games that are similar to Rescue Pets.

The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets2

In this fantasy world you will be training animals using the Kinect methods and though it was originally designed with young ones in mind however it has turned out that everyone enjoys playing it. As a youngster your uncle leaves you responsible to care for his animals was he is away.



If you are not allowed to own a pet for one reason or another this is the place you want to be because here, you can virtually own your very own pet and learn to take care of it. Of course, even if you do have a pet of your own already you will enjoy the chance to take care of another animal.

Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets5

In Fantastic Pets you will use a method to train the animals called Kinect. This was first designed for kids but it has since been found that all ages enjoy playing. You will be playing as a boy that has been left behind to care for the animals of his crazy uncle, that decided he wanted to fly around the world in his jet airplane.

School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 6

A you go from place to place progressing in this adventure you are going to learn how to go about training dragons. In the beginning you are going to be picking out the dragon of your choice to take with you on your quests. You will need to keep your dragon happy.

Moshi Monsters


If you enjoy doing things at a fast pace this is something you are sure to get a kick out of. It offers fast paced puzzles and other activities that will certainly keep you on your toes throughout. The quicker you can finish them the sooner you are going to be able to level up.



This fantasy world you will have a Boonie to go places with you and keep you company. It is up to you to keep the little Boonie watered and fed, change its clothing, and bathe it. There are various activities in this adventure such as quests to complete. It offers lots of good options and many features.

Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop3

You will be collecting pets throughout your journey in the world of fantasy. In fact, there are as many as 150 different one for you to collect, many kinds, such as cats, dogs, bears, horses, and more. You will also be going out and doing things to get others to adopt a pet of their own.



This has a feature which lets you own as many pets as you can handle. You will be breeding these pets for the most part of your journey, however, there are many other activities to keep you as busy as you want to be kept. If you enjoy baking, then you can bake.

Bin Weevils


The first thing you will need to do after getting started is to get your Weevil. The Weevil is going to be your pet and your friend as you progress. You will take your Weevil to the Bin now and again to let it help you to get mulch, which can be used to purchase things.

Star Stable

Star Stable12

One day a long time ago a star fell from the sky, this star fell onto a rock that laid in the middle of an ocean until the day the star hit the rock. When it hit the rock the rock turned into a beautiful young girl, and a horse appeared.

Happy Pets


If you have been wanting a pet of your own but could not have one you will enjoy playing Happy Pets, because in this virtual world of fantasies you will be able to have a pet and also the things needed to fix-up and decorate your pets’ area. You will be able to earn the money for those thing as you are progressing.

Animal Jam


You can now know how a dragon lives, how they feel and perceive things because you will be seeing through the eyes of your dragon in this journey. You will first choose a dragon, then you have to train it. This will all take place in a world called Jamaa.


Wauies 7

You have suddenly been left to watch after a pet shop, all by yourself. This is going to be a challenge, for there are many different animals to care for but since this is now your responsibility you have to do it. Can you handle it, is the question? This is going to certainly test that out.

Brave Little Beasties

Brave Little Beasties11

If you enjoy a good adventure and small animals then you have found the right game, welcome to the Brave Little Beasties. Sweet sometimes, but they are a handful. However, in general these small critters are not so nice. Each of them have a special ability that will benefit you on.

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