Games Like PetPet Park

Here is a list of games that are similar to PetPet Park.

Animal Jam


This has many features to enhance your gameplay, one of those features is for you to see everything as they progress through the eyes of their pet, and this is because you are taking on the character of your pet so it makes sense. It all takes place in the world of Jamaa.

Kingdom Island

Kingdom Island12

Being able to play games online is great, it is the best way there is to communicate with others these days. You are not going to run into any problems that is going to ruin your experience here, as with some other game sites. It all has to do with the sites community.



Mingoville is a great way to have fun while learning English. You will have 10 different missions with their own theme, and more than 130 exercises and activities too. On top of that, there is over 10,000 audio files that keep things interesting along the way.

FrankTown Rocks


Are you ready for a multiplayer that lets you make a character and then explore Franktown city? You will be able to play with friends to make it more fun, playing games and listening to music, even doing quests and watching videos. You can also drive cars, have pets and much more!

Bin Weevils


In this world you will go around with a little Bin Weevil, this will be your friend and can go everywhere with you. You will need to take your Weevil into the bin now and then. The bin is where mulch is found and you need to earn as much of it as you can t buy things with.



Welcome to Sqishland, a great place to hang out with friends and have fun! You will start by adopting a Sqishlander, which you will tag along with to explore the wonderful world known as Sqishland. You will play games, earn Sqwash, and level up while solving various mysteries.



The quicker you are the better off you will be in this world of puzzles, you will have to be fast to be able to succeed in this world. It is all about getting the cheese that is at the mouse’s hole and back, and do it as quickly as possible.

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