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With Smallworlds you get to create a great 3D avatar that represents you and that you will use to travel around and meet other players. With your avatar you can train cute pets and earn more coins so that you can keep buying awesome gear for your avatar and for your home!

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gleamville8In GleamVille you will never run out of fun things to do. You start your adventure by creating an avatar that you use to explore the city and find new friends. You can chat with other players and you also get to play tons of different games and activities.

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Chit Chat City

chitchatcity3Sometimes social networks can be boring when all you can do is hang out and chat with people but with Chit Chat City you get to do so much more than just chatting with people.  You get to socialize with other players but you also get to design and furnish your house.

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SocioTown is unlike other games you have played.  In this 3D game you get to do tons of activities that you usually do not get to play like catching bugs, fishing, and epic missions.  All of these help you to advance through the game.

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Pora Ora

poraora6 (1)This awesome 3D game, Pora Ora, will keep you entertained and will have you coming back for more.  You get to take on challenging puzzles and games that will help you earn points and they also help you learn!  This game will help you with your math, geography, and literature!

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TirNua is a fun and exciting game where you get to explore, play, socialize with other players, and work.  It also helps you learn how to be and go green!  You not only get to socialize and play great games but you learn how to help the earth be cleaner and healthier!

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In Lagoonia you get to find out what it is really like to be stranded on an island.  When your plane crashes and you are left on the tiny island you have to find the best way to survive.  You have to build a new life and have to learn how to keep yourself alive and learn new skills!

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Oz World

Oz World

Oz World is just for you if you like to hang out with friends and chat with new and old friends online.  You get to hang out and spend time fishing and chatting with them as you decorate your own home and customize your character.  You can also date people you meet online!

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In Meez you get to mix both the virtual world and the real life world as you travel around and meet new friends!  You create an avatar and then connect with your friends by putting their email addresses into the Meez Nation.  That way you can connect online.

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Smeet is a fun new game that is taking people by storm.  You will love this game you not only get to chat with friends but you also get to pick your character and make them unique.  You can pick your clothes, makeup and hair styles.  You also get to decorate your home!

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