Games Like BoomBang

Here is a list of games that are similar to BoomBang.



In Yoworld you get to work, socialize, and play with other Facebook friends both old and new. You get to live the life you have always wanted and can live where ever you want!  You can set up a home on the beach or in a huge castle; you can even adopt a pet!

Gaia Online


Gaia is a great game that is becoming more and more popular throughout the years.  It is not only a great community socializing game but you also get to do so much more.  You can create your own avatar, decorate your apartment, and even customize your car, all while having a great time!



If you have often day dreamed and/or fantasized about your life as a fictional or imaginary life, this is for you. It offers you both fictional and imaginary gameplay, with no rules anything is possible here. It offers plenty of different things to do and many activities, as well as mini-games.



Woozworld is a fun and exciting social networking game where you get to socialize with all of your online friends while you explore and play a variety of awesome games! You get to customize your own unitz which is like your home and can travel between regions.

Our World


Some games that focus on chatting and socializing lack other aspects like fun games but in Our World you get everything.  You not only get to chat and comment on peoples’ outfits but this world is full of fun gaming lounges that will keep you busy all day long!

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